Ahoy! Mary Nisi, owner of Toast & Jam invited me to join her and her motley crew of DJs for some pizza, dancing and beer on their 2nd annual booze cruise of Lake Michigan.
All the Toast and Jam DJs would be busy shakin’ it on the dance floor, so Mary asked this brave soul to step in. He did a great job filling some big shoes!
Everyone chowed down on some pizza in the cabin, then headed up to the deck to hang out before the music started.
We were ready to dance!
Our friend Liz was one of the first to hit the floor.
Mary’s sister Robyn was there, too. She and I had intense conversations about Honey Boo Boo between dance sessions.
That boat was rockin’.
Look at Dustin! He danced his heart out! He ended his dance set with a bear hug. He thanked Mary for the awesome night.
And to top it all off… fireworks.
Nasty, nasty fireworks.
Not that things weren’t getting nasty on the boat, too.
The boat began to pull back into the dock and everyone gathered up for a group shot.
Thanks for having me along for the ride, Toast & Jam friends! You guys always throw the best parties!