Tony and Bridgette’s wedding day had arrived.
She was careful not to smudge as her dad had his first glimpse of her in her gown.
Then Bridgette and her mom shared a special moment with a final look-over.
Meanwhile, Tony and one of his groomsmen also shared a special moment.
Don’t jump, Tony! You’ll lose the deposit for the reception venue!
Tony and his guys put the goofing around on hold as they headed to the ceremony.
She was waiting patiently on the bridge overlooking Fulton’s on the River where they held their ceremony and reception.
And then…
It was go time!
Bridgette joined her father to walk down the aisle.
Tony was poised and ready with tears in his eyes.
We were literally on top of the river. Here, a guest waves to passengers right before the ceremony commences.
Her brother, the officiant, started the ceremony.
His parents.
The bride and groom delivered their vows.
And then they exchanged rings.
They did it!
Time to sneak off for some pictures.
We photographed near Fulton’s. Luckily, there was a lot to photograph near the venue!
A few shots with the wedding party.
And then some of the newlyweds.
Our veteran actors are very familiar with this part of town.
And they know a thing or two about this guy as well. They met doing Shakespeare here in Chicago!
Guess what song I was singing in my head for this picture. They were so kind to allow to indulge in my Gaga fantasy.
We were having a blast, but of course we had to get back for the party!
The guests were all enjoying the food and drinks that Fulton’s provided.
Tony and Bridgette enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife.
Then Tony took the mic to thank the guests for coming.
And the guests were happy to be there!
Tony’s best man delivered a toast.
It was pretty hilarious.
Time for the dancing!
Kate and Rachel from Toast & Jam were there to deliver the hits.
Tony shows off the moves he was saving for his big day.
Bridgette’s dad gets an unexpected kiss from her mother.
Tony’s mom went in for a big hug.
Her parents watch as they dance their last dance of the evening.
A beautiful background for one final piece of business. They signed their marriage license on the terrace. So cool!
We took advantage of the wonderful evening and set out for more pictures.
They showed off their rings for the cab driver.
Then they danced in the street.
Whew! What a night!
Time to rest!
Okay, okay. I can take a hint.
It was so great to work with you both, Tony and Bridgette. Congratulations on your marriage!