The evening before their marriage celebration, Tree and Todd gathered with their closest family and friends at local restaurant Embeya for a rehearsal dinner and traditional Korean tea ceremony. Below we see Tree, moments before the ceremony begins.
Todd made sure everything was in place and looking good…
…and Tree made a few final, minor adjustments.
Tree’s mom was waiting nearby, watching as her daughter finished preparations.
Todd took one more sip of wine…
…Tree mugged for the camera…
…and the ceremony began.
Here, Tree’s parents throw dates and chestnuts for the couple to catch. The amount they catch is meant to foretell how many children they’ll have.
Todd’s mom and dad took part in the ceremony by sharing blessings and wisdom with the couple.
In fact, several close family members participated.
All of the food on the table had significance; symbols of love and happiness for Tree and Todd.
They shared tea…
…and paid their respects to their parents.
Finally, as a public sign of strength, the groom carries his bride around the room. I think he’s fit for marriage!
It was a wonderful, joyful celebration, and had me excited for their wedding the next day. Check back to the blog soon to see the photos from Tree and Todd’s celebration!