The afternoon after their traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony, Vicki and George were getting ready for a second day of wedding festivity. Whereas the Greek Orthodox service was small and only for close family and friends, this day was much bigger with plans for all of their loved ones. I began the day with Vicki who was getting ready at her parent’s home in the south suburbs. As I arrived, she was having her makeup done by her (future) sister-in-law.
Vicki’s mom was on hand, tending to Vicki as she finished up with her preparations.
Vicki made the ring bearer’s pillow.
And this ring bearer comes for a long, proud line of ring bearers. This photo is of his father when he served as a ring bearer.
Vicki’s parents posed for a photo together outside of their beautiful home before everyone climbed into the limo.
We all got comfy in the limo and began the trip into the city.
George, meanwhile, was already in the city, suiting up with his groomsmen.
George’s son was right there with him, making sure his tie was perfect for Dad’s big day.
Even though he’s a senior in high school, he still needs help from his Dad from time to time.
George is a Chicago sports fanatic… and he gave his groomsmen the cufflinks to prove it!
When everybody was all cleaned up and ready to go, they hopped into a cab for George and Vicki’s first meeting.
The spot the chose for their meeting was the lily pond at Lincoln Park Zoo. George and his crew got there a bit early, so they filled the time by taking a few pictures.
This chipmunk wanted his share of camera time, too.
Before they knew it, Vicki was there and made her way to meet her husband. She looked amazing in her dress from Eva’s Bridal and pink Kate Spade shoes. The walk up the stones was a little treacherous, but Vicki was totally game.
Vicki took a minute to straighten up George’s boutonniere before moving on to more pictures.
Nice work!
Jesse at Event Creative designed all of the florals for the day, and he did an amazing job with the bouquet.
The lily pond is a great backdrop for wedding pictures and we took full advantage of it. George and Vicki were great models, as was their wedding party. We had a great time walking around the park.
George’s son and daughter showed their excitement for their Dad and Vicki.
George’s best man was bursting with excitement, too.
After one more group shot everybody jumped into the limo…
…and headed to their ceremony and reception at The Ivy Room.
We quickly unloaded everything from the limo…
…and then headed out to take pictures around the Ivy Room’s beautiful garden.
George and Vicki headed inside to prepare for the ceremony as their family and friends began to arrive.
The wedding ceremony started with Vicki’s dad walking her down the aisle.
Vicki gave George a quick wink as the priest began the ceremony.
Vicki’s brother.
Her mom and dad watched with pride as Vicki and George delivered their vows.
The priest blessed the couple.
George’s daughter was beaming as she stood by Vicki.
George and Vicki snuck off for some alone time, and I went to take photos of the cocktail hour.
The guests enjoyed each other’s company…
…along with the drinks and hors d’oeuvres provided by Boka.
The ring bearer needed a nap before partying it up, though.
While the partygoers enjoyed the cocktail hour I snuck into the dining room to take detail shots.
Their beautiful cake was made by Toni’s.
When the guests had found their seats, George and Vicki kicked things off by cutting the cake.
Then her dad thanked the guests for sharing the day with them.
George’s best man was up next with his toast.
George’s mom smiled as she listened to the speeches.
Last up was the maid of honor who gave a loving tribute to the newlyweds.
After the speeches, George and Vicki shared their first dance together.
Then Vicki shared a dance with her father.
George and his mother had a dance of their own, too.
Then everyone hit the dance floor!
Especially George and his kids.
Downtown Sounds were the DJ’s for the party- and they kept everyone dancing!
These three were nothing but trouble!!!
Congratulations on your marriage, George and Vicki! Thanks for sharing your day with me!