Earlier this fall, my good friend Wendy married her now wife Nicole at their home in Indiana. The two had put so much thought and work into the day, and I was so happy to be with them as it all came together. Of course, I had my camera with me, and was using it to bother Wendy as she tried to get ready.
Wendy’s friend Jess was there, too, being on-hand for whatever the bride needed as she got ready.
Wendy looked amazing, and when everything was good to go…
…Wendy and Nicole shared their first look on the porch of their home. They have a beautiful, cabin-style home that’s set on property adjacent to a timber. There were plenty of spots for pictures, and we wasted no time getting down to business.
Nicole’s friend here was honored to step in for me during the ceremony. I was an attendant, but taking pictures as well, so he was an able and willing stand-in.
The group of us packed in to our cars and headed out to a park near Wendy and Nicole’s house for portraits.
I was photographing Wendy and Nicole in a shady spot when I saw a barn. A barn! And OF COURSE I’m going to have a wedding party go pose for pictures around a barn!
The venue, Sycamore Farm, is amazing and was so kind to let us stomp around on their property for pictures. The owners came out to wish Nicole and Wendy congratulations!
And Jarrod was tagging along, and I had him take this group portrait so I could be included (no gnomes here!).
We headed back to Wendy and Nicole’s home and began the ceremony. It was held in their garden, a beautiful and meaningful spot for which the two had spent days planning and constructing decorations.
Their friends Erin and Dusty shared readings during the ceremony, and Jarrod presided over the proceedings. It was a family affair!
With vows and rings exchanged, Wendy and Nicole were married! Everyone headed inside to chow down on the amazing lunch spread the two had made…
…and I stayed outside to document the gorgeous decorations.
Can you believe they made all this by hand?
Speaking of homemade, Wendy recreated this cake based on a recipe from one of her favorite places: The Bubble Room in Captiva, Florida.
The toppers were adorable…
…and the cake was not to be underestimated. It was magically delicious.
Wendy and Nicole, congratulations on your marriage! Thank-you for a fantastic wedding celebration- lots of love to you both!