I managed to score an invitation to Ada’s first birthday party! It was going to be quite the bash, too, with a Halloween-themed costume party planned by her folks.
Here’s Ada and her family, wearing their costumes. That’s a fantastic first Halloween costume, Ada!
The force is strong with this birthday girl.
Ada’s family was there, too, and most of them were in costumes as well. Here, her grandma- who dressed up as a nurse- watches as Ada gets ready for a picture.
Minnie Mouse put on a show to make Ada smile.
There were lots of kisses and hugs for Ada on her big day.
And check out the costumes that Ada’s friends wore!:
Hero in a half-shell.
Oh boy! Time for the cake! Ada took a seat in the yard and mom set the cake down in front of her. She was a little apprehensive at first, but once she had that first bite, there was no going back.
Mmmmmm…. I think Ada is a fan of cake!
After a few minutes, Ada was eating cake with both hands. My kind of girl!
Happy Birthday, Ada! Thank-you for inviting me to your party!