Say ‘hello’ to Ada! This was my first time meeting this cutie, the daughter of two of my wedding clients. I absolutely love it when my couples check back in with me and share news of their expanding families. Even better is getting to meet the new ones and orchestrate their first photo shoot! And little Ada is a natural in front of the camera. Very photogenic and willing to show off her talents. We met at her house, and took advantage of the beautiful weather by spending some time in the backyard.
Mom and Dad joined in on the fun, too, making Ada giggle and squirm.
Look at those big smiles! You know Dad was doing something to make them laugh.
Ada wanted to show me some of her favorite toys… like this crawling tube.
And I’m sure this pool will get a lot of use as summer heats up.
After drying off from the pool, Mom served up a special treat. Ada had her first taste of lemon… check out her reaction!
Whew! What an afternoon!
Ada was definitely ready for her nap. She said good-bye to me…
…and then snuggled up in her crib.
It was great meeting you and seeing your parents again, Ada! Enjoy the rest of your summer!