Addie and Johnathan had a picture perfect wedding! They carried the vintage theme of their reception site, Salvage One, throughout their entire day. They also allotted 4-5 hours of photo time of just the two of them around town. We ended up with some amazing images that I can’t wait to share with everyone.

Addie’s dress was hanging in the window when I arrived. It was beautiful.

Her perfect lashes by one of my best friends on the planet, Nika Vaughan.
I almost fainted when she popped out. That is some scary stuff. Seriously.
Her shoes and jewelry.
A shot of Johnathan getting ready.
Johnathan with his brother and father.
Addie’s mother helps her in her wedding dress.
This pretty much sums up the getting ready process on a wedding day.
The beautiful bride!
We jumped in the limo and headed to the ceremony at Old St. Pat’s.
Addie and her mother were all smiles. They must have known that the rain was going to stop right after her ceremony!
Her father gets ready to walk her down the aisle.
Old St. Pat’s has to be one of the prettiest and historic Catholic churches downtown.
That’s a wrap!
Yes, this was seriously their transportation. I was dying. We headed around the city with one of their good friends who owned this vintage pink Buick.
Johnathan is also a photographer. He brought his camera along for the ride.
Pink furry dice!
Loved this compass in the car…
Their friend was ready to take us to our first stop.
We stopped off at LaSalle street where the rain picked up for a second. We still put that pink and white umbrella to good use.
A stranger held an umbrella over Addie while Johnathan got their umbrella under control.
Our second stop on a long trip around town!
I found this robin’s egg while we were walking around. It looks so sad.
They were having so much fun all day!
Her awesome bouquet from Asrai Garden.
Johnathan did a little bridal session of his own!
Gotta love that camera!
We wrapped up our shooting in Lincoln Park and headed to Montrose harbor.
Their friend had to get a shot with his amazing car.
I guess the timing was bad. Oops.
A lakeside toast.
You knew I would post this.
We headed to Uptown and found this magical fence. Are you kidding me?!?
They did a quick dance in the alley.
I am thinking that everyone should go to Uptown on their wedding day. People were all over the streets checking out the wedding parade!
A quick shot in front of the Uptown Theatre.
The historic Green Mill jazz club. This is also the location where I met one of my childhood idols, Mr. Keanu Reeves. That’s right. I said it.
I love when something unexpected and unplanned happens. This little boy on the bus was so excited when he saw us shooting near the bus. He was laughing and giving us a “thumbs up”. It was so cute!
We left Uptown and drove over to the deliciousness that is Hot Doug’s.
These people were not even playing around. The sad bride and groom posed at the end of the line.
We snuck inside for a few photos but forget about ordering. I think these people would have punched us! =)
With no luck atHot Doug’s, we headed to Wicker Park and sat down for some awesome food at Big Star. Go there! So good.
With time to spare, we ended up at their condo in Bucktown. Addie even had time for a robe and some coffee!
We should have brought him back some food. He was so hungry he was eating the blinds.
This was me being stupid, of course. I made up my own detail from their wedding. It is actually a photo from one of their vinyl album covers. I need to recreate this pose for an actual wedding. Badly.
I took a quick ring shot while we were hanging out at their place.
We tried to call a cab to take us to their reception at Salvage One. The cab didn’t show up so Addie had to hail one on her own!
I love this shot of her heading upstairs to check out the reception room.
The guests start to arrive.
The ladies at Food For Thought helped make their reception site look amazing.
The cake from Alliance Bakery.
They loved it.
Another cake shot that I love.
An Italian tradition.
I kind of love this. This was on a bag that Johnathan brought with his to the reception.
A speech by Addie’s father.
Johnathan’s mother.
Addie’s brother.
The first dance.
Addie’s mother.
Yes, they are.
One of their guests wrapped their wedding day present with this paper. I had to post it. Love it!
Thanks for an amazing trek around the city and the great night that followed. Have a blast together!