Meet Aileen and Al. This happy couple’s January wedding will be my first for 2013, and I have a feeling that it will be the perfect start to a new year. First up, though, was their engagement session, which we began at the ‘cheese’ mural.
I love couples that aren’t afraid to cheese it up.
Our session started with a walk around the west side of town.
We were enjoying some of the last few (warm) days of summer, and the conditions were perfect for a skyline shot in the lot next to the tracks.
What the!?!? Someone abandoned their toilet out here. Al moved in to investigate.
Next up were some shots in front of some of my favorite graffiti walls.
It seems that every time I visit one of these locations, there are new paintings up on the walls. You gotta hand it to the talented street artists of this city!
Aileen and Al caught a quick smooch in the shadows.
I also stopped by to check in on my old pal, the Luchador. Or, as they call him in his homeland, El Luchador.
Aileen and Al were real troopers, keeping their smiles at full-beam while we hit all of my favorite hot spots.
Our session had moved from the west side all the way in to downtown, where we wrapped up by the river.
I had a great time, Aileen and Al, and can’t wait to see you in early 2013 for your wedding. See you then!