It was Alan and Erin’s big day! I met up with Erin at her hotel, and was spotted right away.
She slipped into her gorgeous dress.
Check out those awesome shoes! I love the color!
Alan’s father dropped by to see how things were going (and take a few shots of his own)!
Meanwhile, Alan and his groomsmen were at ‘The Kerryman’, a downtown pub. Thanks to Angela Peterson for getting these great shots!
Here’s Alan, suited up and ready to go!
Alan and the groomsmen.
Erin finished getting ready so that her father could take his first peek at his daughter on the wedding day.
It was an emotional exchange!
We headed out to the hotel patio for a few quick shots.
…then on to the trolley!
Nervous hands before the ceremony!
We met up at Notre Dame Cathedral of Chicago where the ceremony was held.
Her mother had the kitschy kleenexes ready to go.
Erin makes her entrance.
Alan watches his bride make her way down the aisle.
Dad gives her a hug before giving her away.
This guy takes a microphone to the eye. =)
A gorgeous church!
Alan’s father.
The couple takes a peek at the crowd.
Erin gets a little choked up. She was so happy!
No, her father is not falling asleep! He is in prayer during the service.
I nearly screamed when I saw her brother’s tattooed hand go up during the ceremony to bless the couple. I love this shot!
The kiss seals the deal. Alan’s father photo-bombed my shot! =)
With the ceremony completed, the newlyweds head outside to greet their guests.
I was glad this group shot turned out so nicely.
We ventured out to show the guests some Chicago landmarks. This is Alan’s office building on LaSalle Street in downtown Chicago.
The wedding party and family stopped traffic on LaSalle for this one.
One shot with Alan and Erin…
…and then back on the trolley! This guy was longing for his big day too.
Everybody was enjoying the trolley ride!
We jumped off at the Michigan Avenue bridge.
And listened to this trumpeter for a bit.
The rest of the bridal party joined us….
…and we got a great group shot.
Takin’ care of business.
Some nice alley light!
Then we took advantage of the urban backdrops found all over the West Loop.
These two were big fans of the graffiti and murals we found around town.
I love this picture of Erin.
We had to stop and grab a shot with these strange people we found in an alley.
We happened upon a Critical Mass bike ride. Too good to pass up. This is why I love Chicago. So cool!

We had a blast letting everyone ride around us.
One guy even let us pose with his bike.
I love unexpected events like that!
With our photographic adventures complete, we went to the reception which was held at Prairie Production.
Bagpipes make for a grand entrance! His father gave it his all!
Alan addresses the guests.
There was a great balcony that overlooked the reception site.
Erin’s father thanked the guests for coming.
Alan’s dad gave a speech as well.
His crazy glasses that he wore during his own speech were gazing at his father.
A big hug before going inside for the party.
With speeches complete, I took some detail shots.
So colorful! I love the blue and yellow.
This piece of artwork is so cool. Erin and her friends helped make Prairie come to life.
Ball jars with good ole fashioned lemonade and one with a strawberry twist!
Look at the table cards. What a great idea!
The wood rings are becoming very popular. I love them.
Just one of the many great details at the venue. Another project that Erin worked on with her friends. They used the ribbon wall to separate the space.
Alan’s brother delivers his best man speech…
…while the family proudly listens.
And laughs.
Alan takes a peek at Erin during her quick change. Her dress converted to a knee length for the dance party!
They take the floor while one of their good friends join the band for their first dance.
Erin and her dad.
Alan and his mom.
Thanks for sharing your day with me, Alan and Erin! I had a wonderful time with you and your family. Here’s to all the good times to come! I had to leave you with another shot from this magical moment.