Little Alarik and his parents joined me recently for a photo shoot at the Evanston Art Center.
Alarik was a little sleepy to begin with…
…but a piggyback ride from Dad perked him right up!
Mom’s airplane rides weren’t too bad, either.
Look at that happy face! What a cutie!
The family pup was there for the shoot, too.
He is part of the family, after all!
Time to throw the baby!
Alarik did such a good job in front of the camera…
…that he deserved some quality time on the playground. First up, the toy car.
Watch out for this speed demon!
There were a lot of fun things that Alarik wanted to check out.
I’m sure he’ll be back at the playground again soon!
It was great to meet you and your parents, Alarik! I hope to see you again soon!