Alex and Rob teamed up with me earlier this month to cruise the city and take some engagement photos.
I’ll be shooting Alex and Rob’s wedding in August of next year, here in Chicago.
I wanted to show them some of my favorite spots…
… which included a visit to our friend, the luchador. This summer, we’ve been trying to come up with a name for him. This time, the Luchador Name Generator offers up the name “Pantalones Negro”. That won’t do… his pants aren’t black!
This is another one of my favorite spots. I think that there’s a new painting up every time I come here.
Next up was a walk along the river, starting at the Kinzie Street bridge.
Always a fantastic view.
We had pounded the pavement long enough. Time to leave the concrete and brick…
…and find some leaves and trees.
The lily pond next to the Lincoln Park Zoo was the perfect place for some nature shots.
Walking around the garden, you can almost forget you’re still in the city.
Alex and Rob were great models…
…and there was still another member of the family to join in the fun.
Their puppy Sophie!
Alex and Rob brought Sophie’s favorite toy to the beach.
Sophie found a buddy right away, and they had a blast running up and down the beach.
What a jump!
Sophie on her tippy-toes!
I had a great time photographing you, Alex and Rob! Congratulations on your engagement, and I am looking forward to your wedding next year!