We met up on a beautiful Chicago afternoon outside the Art Institute to begin their engagement shoot. They both love the arts and met in photography class. I knew when we met that we would have fun photographing around the city together!
First off, some pictures inside the galleries!
One in front of a famous Picasso sculpture.
It was too beautiful to stay inside! We headed outside to take advantage of the great weather.
Love this one.
And then we headed to my new favorite spot. You are sure to see this 100 times on my blog in the next few weeks! =)
Alli took an opportunity to show off her cute dress and shoes!
So in love!
We headed back to their apartment for an outfit change. This guy was the first to greet me!
I was so excited for this part…. we grabbed some paint and hit the street.
Don’t worry. It was washable paint!

We set up some poses for ‘Save the Date’ cards.

It was so much fun.
Paint fight!!!
It’s obvious that Alli and Joe have a lot of fun together.
What a mess! But worth it!
Uh, Joe…. you got something on your nose.
I think Alli got the worst of it, but she didn’t care!
They didn’t want me to feel left out…
Some plexiglass fun.
You know this date is saved on my calendar! Alli and Joe, I can’t wait to work with you guys again next September! It’ll be here before you know it!