Allison, Chris and I met up a few weeks ago to shoot some pictures for their engagement. They are getting married later this year in Hawaii!
They stopped to pose with this guy…
We were lucky that the weather was a little warmer than what we’re used to in February, but Allison still had to cuddle up next to Chris to warm up a bit.
He really didn’t need the microphone.
This was a new discovery for me. I loved it!
Chris loves to take photos and Allison was posing away for him!
Moving right along…
One last stop before jumping in the car and heading to a new location.
We headed downtown and shot at the cancer survivors garden.
Next we went downtown to the train stop that Chris used to frequent.
A quick smooch.
Allison’s gorgeous ring.
A last shot of the Sears… I mean, Willis Tower.
Thanks for spending the afternoon with me, Allison and Chris! Congratulations on your engagement. Enjoy your big day in Hawaii!