It was Allison and David’s wedding day, and it was going to be full of memorable moments. I was happy to be with this fun couple to document their wedding celebration, beginning with Allison’s preparations.
Leslie from Pin Me Up Chicago had just finished with Allison’s hair and makeup, and our bride was glowing. Her mother was on hand also, to help Allison into her dress and assist with details.
Allison’s dad couldn’t help but peek in to check on his daughter’s progress. His face lit up when he saw Allison in her dress.
Isn’t she gorgeous!?!? With preparations completed, Allison and I headed out together for her first meeting with David.
David was posted and waiting at the designated meet-up spot on the roof of The Peninsula, where the ceremony and celebration were being held. Allison tapped his shoulder and when he turned around, David’s face was filled with an ear-to-ear grin.
Allison wasn’t the only one who had to wipe away a tear during the first meeting!
We were ready to hit the town for our pre-ceremony photo session, but I couldn’t help but take a quick picture of Allison’s gorgeous bouquet, which was designed by Greg at ArtQuest. Beautiful work!
Our pre-ceremony session began in the gardens of the Art Institute.
It was a beautiful day, and I was so happy that we could spend it outside for photos.
Next we moved a little further into the city, taking this shot in front of the Board of Trade.
A short walk down the road was the LaSalle Street Bridge, another iconic Chicago landmark.
This is a great spot for incorporating some of downtown Chicago’s famous skyline. I captured one more image of the couple together, and a quick glance at the clock revealed that it was almost time to begin the ceremony!
We headed back to the Peninsula, where Allison found her bridal party waiting for her.
There were a lot of sighs and smiles as her bridesmaids took in the sight of Allison in her dress.
The groomsmen danced their way into the Ketubah signing.
The guests gathered and greeted each other as the marriage documents were organized.
I took advantage of the time and posed the bride against this decorative mural.
Shortly after, the Ketubah signing began.
David listened attentively as the marriage contract was read aloud.
The Ketubah was signed, followed by a round of applause for the bride and groom.
Allison’s dad beamed with pride during this important moment in his daughter’s life.
Next up was the marriage ceremony. Allison and David prepared themselves as the guests moved on to the ceremony site.
A string quartet serenaded guests as they arrived.
And the decorations were gorgeous. There was so much color and beauty throughout the room.
David began the wedding processional, taking his place under the Chuppah.
All eyes were on Allison, as she walked the aisle, then meeting her parents, who escorted her to the Chuppah.
The bride and groom joined hands and the ceremony began.
David’s mom and dad were in the front row, and were beaming with pride for their son.
One of Allison’s sisters served as a bridesmaid, and she tried very hard- with little success- to keep dry eyes during the ceremony!
The family participated in the traditional ceremony, demonstrating their support for the marriage.
Soon, the vows were made and the rings exchanged.
The marriage ceremony was completed with the traditional stomping of the glass. Mozel Tov!
The newlyweds were the first to leave the ceremony, immediately heading to the ballroom where the reception was held. The look on Allison’s face says it all…
Everything looked fantastic. Marcy Glink and her crew from Great Events did an excellent job, and made sure every detail was perfect.
Theirs was one of the most unique cakes I’ve seen… I thought the design was brilliant.
And speaking of design, the arrangements used as table centerpieces were magnificent.
The guests found their tables and gave a lively welcome to the newlyweds as they made their big entrance.
Allison & David shared their first dance as husband and wife…
…and then all the guests were called to the dance floor.
The excitement level was high- these guests were ready to party!
Everyone’s best dance moves were on display.
Especially David’s mom, who was having a great time on the dance floor.
The speeches followed the first round of dancing, with Allison’s mom and dad thanking their friends and family for sharing the day with them.
Allison’s sister, listening attentively to her parent’s speech.
David’s father was up next with some words of advice for the couple.
I’m sure David’s grandfather would have some wisdom to share as well!
A big round of applause following the toasts…
…and then it was time for my favorite part of the celebration…
…the Hora!! Allison and David secured their grip on the chairs as they were hoisted into the air.
Allison’s dad had a great reaction when his turn began!
Allison’s mom got in on the fun, too.
The Hora got everyone revved up for the dance party. And things really got going when the Ken Arlen Orchestra played “Call Me Maybe”.
This partygoer’s dance moves were intense!
The party was a huge success… smiles all around!
Congratulations on your marriage, Allison and David! Thank-you for sharing the day with me!