Allison and David met up with me a few weeks ago for their engagement session.
They’re getting married in May of next year, and I’ll be right there with them to photograph the day.
But for right now, we were out and about, enjoying our shoot in the unusually warm Chicago weather.
Allison and David are having their ceremony and reception at the Peninsula Hotel here in Chicago.
The first half of our shoot was a success… but we were all hot and tired from the warm temperatures. After this photo, we took a break from the heat, running inside for an outfit change and a drink.
Then we were at it again… next stop, the Chicago river.
We couldn’t pass up taking photos in front of this door… it matched their clothes!
A picture next to the sun mosaic seemed appropriate in light of the warm weather.
Lunchtime! Allison and David fetched their puppy Teddy and we went to grab a bite.
Teddy is one lucky puppy… he’s got two owners that love him very much!
And I loved working with your owners, Teddy.
I’m looking forward to your wedding next May, Allison and David! I’ll see you both again soon!