I have to start this blog post off with pictures of one of my favorite details from Amanda and Darryl’s wedding… her shoes. She found these amazing and fun pieces of art footwear at Camper Shoes here in Chicago. Very cool!
The shoes were standing by and ready to go as Amanda got ready in the bridal area on the second floor of Salvage One where she and Darryl were holding their ceremony and reception. Her mother, father and best friends were all there with her, keeping her company as her cousin Jessica did her hair and makeup. While she climbed into her dress, her loved ones read individualized cards she wrote to each of them. That got the happy tears going.
Meanwhile, Darryl was downstairs strapping on his shoes- with socks that complimented Amanda’s shoes!- and preparing himself for the big day. After Braxton and Darryl captured some getting ready shots, they went on the rooftop of Salvage One for the next set of pictures- the first meeting.
Our couple spent a few minutes getting a good look at each other. Before long, we were ready to head out and hit some of my favorite Salvage One-adjacent West Loop spots for pre-ceremony photos. The weather was cooperating with us that day- the sky was clear, the sun was shining bright, and spirits were high.
I always love shooting at Salvage One because the neighborhood it’s located in offers a ton of great photo backdrops. It’s fun to walk around with the couple before the ceremony and share in their excitement. And these two were excited to take the plunge! We headed back to Salvage One, where the guests were beginning to arrive.
Amanda and Darryl took their places, and I snapped a quick picture of their programs, which were designed by Gretchen Goetz.
Amanda was escorted down the aisle by both her father and mother. Her father was serving as the officiant for the day, and after reaching the front of the courtyard where Darryl was waiting, took his place to begin the marriage ceremony.
One of the guests had an interesting view.
Vale of Enna did an incredible job designing the chuppah that Amanda and Darryl stood under.
The catering staff took a break from their set-up duties to watch the ceremony for a little bit.
A friend of the couple sang a solo.
When it came time to exchange rings, the ring bearer developed a case of stage fright. After some coaxing and reassurance from family, though, he was able to fulfill his duties. Amanda and Darryl then delivered their vows to each other and exchanged their rings.
When the ceremony was complete, the newlyweds completed traditions from both sides of the family. They observed the Jewish tradition of breaking a wine glass at the completion of the ceremony followed up with the African-American tradition of jumping the broom. Their union is now doubly lucky and blessed!
The new Mr. and Mrs. led their guests to the cocktail hour.
The guests chowed down on some special cupcakes that Amanda, in cooperation with Hey Sugar! Baked Goods, designed for the day. All together she created three varieties of cupcakes for her guests. Megan from Food for Thought also worked with Amanda and Darryl on the good eats for the cocktail hour and dinner.
Amanda’s mom, pictured here, and the other guests enjoyed the food, drinks, the weather and each other’s company. While they partied, Braxton and I took pictures of details and guests.
Mom laid down some ground rules before letting her son go off with his friends. You know he was listening, too.
Here’s another shot of the trellis Vale of Enna created. I loved all the bright colors in the arrangement.
They also designed Amanda’s bouquet.
Darryl was sporting some noteworthy details, too! Check out his corsage, socks and cufflinks below.
Inside, the tables were all set and ready for guests.
Guests grabbed their place cards from this wall and found their seats.
They hung old photos all around the reception area for guests to look at.
I love that they did this…
Butcher’s paper was laid down and crayons made available on the tables so people could draw or write notes to the newlyweds.
Amanda and Darryl first met at Pitchfork here in the city. I used their ticket stub, saved from that very concert, for their ring shot.
The guests moved into the reception area and found their seats. Amanda and Darryl started things off with their first dance together.
Next up were toasts delivered by friends and family.
Darryl comforted Amanda after she got a little choked up. One of her best friends and bridesmaid could not make it to the wedding because she was delivering her new baby. Her other bridesmaid read a little note she sent for the bride.
The audience was starting to slide, so Darryl decided to wake them up.
He recreated Ducky’s dance from Pretty in Pink for his bride!
She loved it- and it was a big hit with the crowd.
Darryl shared a dance with his mom.
Then everybody hit the dance floor and Laura from Toast and Jam kept ’em moving.
Darryl’s mom showed the other dancers a thing or two.
Magnolia Photobooth was there, too, and people put the costumes to good use as they jumped inside.
The guests were still partying hard as I made my way out the door. I walked by this table full of jars of jam, which were being offered up as favors for the guests to take home.
Amanda and her family made the jam themselves! She set out this explanation of how it’s done.
I’m glad I got to spend the day with you, Amanda and Darryl! Congratulations on your marriage!