It was time for Amanda and Josef’s wedding.
When I got there, Sara Jean Stevens had finished her hair, and Amanda was having her make-up done. What is Emily Massa doing to Amanda’s eye?!?! Oh, the price we pay for beauty!
Her friends got to watch her suffer through it!
She was ready to make the trek to her parents bedroom where she put her dress on.
Josef headed out to post up some signs for visiting guests.
Garage Sale AND a wedding? Sounds like a perfect afternoon to me!
Wait… does this apply to me?
Amanda didn’t realize that there were some people in the front yard setting up the ceremony chairs. Oops! She quickly dropped to the fioor!
All made-up and ready to go, Amanda’s mom gave her daughter a loving look-over.
Her mom and dad were bursting with pride.
Some were even moved to tears.
A girl after my own heart. She waited to the last minute to do her homework! Even at the last minute, though, her vows were lovely.
XYZ, Josef! Your bride is on her way!
We took photos at a few places near her parents house. They all made for great backdrops!
As we began the photo journey they told me a little more about their love story.
They met for the first time when they were both 18 years old.
Josef was practicing his skateboarding skills. Her brother was an avid skateboarder and her father built a skatepark in their backyard. Josef was a regular!
He must have had some sweet, sweet moves on and off the board.
Several years later, they had their first date…
… at the airport…
… as Amanda was leaving the states to go to Myanmar!
I had to look up where Myanmar is. It’s far. Like, China far away.
Their third date was really special, though.
Josef moved to the other side of the world to be with her.
What a romantic!
But for now they’re back in the U.S., with all their friends and family to get married.
The guests were beginning to arrive as we finished our pre-ceremony photo shoot. Every guest signed a tree root on this poster as they entered.
It was a wonderful day for an outdoor ceremony. Jennifer Hunt from Countryside Flower Shop helped with the details for the day.
Amanda’s dad beamed with pride as he walked his daughter down the aisle.
And her mom got choked up.
A friend of the couple performed some songs on his guitar for them.
The pastor from the family’s church performed the ceremony. Here, he gives them a special blessing.
Amanda’s brother David and Josef’s friend Andy stood up with the couple.
A young family member did a wonderful job giving a reading.
I took a quick picture of the detail of Amanda’s dress while they listened.
Finally, they made their vows to each other.
And finished up with a big kiss.
Best looking flower girl I’ve seen in years.
They made their way down the aisle…
…and greeted guests as they walked to the reception.
Everybody made their way to the backyard for hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.
Amanda’s bouquet. Her flowers were designed by a friend of Amanda’s mother.
Look at them sparkle! So pretty!
Check out the design work on this umbrella.
Her mom and dad on their wedding day.
One of the centerpieces.
Cake! Their was designed and baked by Tarts and Truffles, who are based in Woodstock, IL.
Amanda’s brother gave his speech while everyone was enjoying cake and the desert buffet, which was catered by The Public House.
Then Andy, Josef’s best man, toasted the newlyweds.
Finally, Josef and Amanda thanked their guests for sharing the day with them.
With speeches completed, everyone was treated to a movie by Josef’s brother.
It starred Amanda and Josef, of course.
Amanda got a little choked up.
What better activity for an outdoor summer wedding than sparklers? She had her guests hold them while they enjoyed their first dance.
I had never seen these before…
Paper lanterns that they released into the sky!
They had plenty to go around.
They were absolutely gorgeous as they floated overhead.
It was seriously one of the coolest things that I have ever seen at a wedding. Incredible!
After that, it was time to get down! Friends Brian and Tyler served as the DJ’s for the night.
A silly string attack.
Amanda and Josef treated their guests to some hot pretzel action.
And this guy was scaring people.
Channeling his inner Mick Jagger.
He was stopped before the intensity of his rockin’ hurt him or someone else.
I was on my way out when I found Amanda swinging.
I thanked her and Josef for a wonderful day, and took one last shot before hitting the road.
Congratulations on your marriage, Amanda and Josef! And thanks for letting me photograph it!