Meet Yuki.
Yuki tagged along with his humans, Amy and Phil, while they had pictures taken for their engagement.
Yuki showed me his big trick. What a good dog. He was so adorable, and I could have spent hours with him, but his humans needed some attention, too!
And here are Yuki’s humans, Amy and Phil. We met up on a very windy day to travel the city and take their engagement photos.
They were real troopers, though, braving the elements and the famous Chicago wind.
Amy and Phil wanted to commemorate their engagement with photos in Chicago because they will be getting married in Ireland.
I was sure to take them to my favorite spots!
Like this melting monster. They both put on their more menacing faces in front of him.
Then we snuck back down some alleys to check out the graffiti.
I was loving Amy’s butterfly dress, too.
Congratulations on your engagement, Amy and Phil! I can’t wait to hear all about your wedding in Ireland. Safe travels!