An and Kien are getting married in Vietnam next year. They had asked me to shoot their wedding, but unfortunately, I was already booked. I was more than happy to shoot some photos with them around the city, though!
We started out in the gardens by the Art Institute.
We had a great time posing around all the great sites in the garden.
They sat and caught their breath for a moment.
I loved her dress!
Then we moved on…
…to the bean!
Making some silly faces.
Both An and Kien are in graduate school. An attends here in the city, while Kien travels all the way to Champaign.
WIth such busy schedules, they were happy to spend some time together!
We found a lot of great places to take pictures in Millenium Park.
I love shooting in this garden.
An had her make up done by Nika Vaughan for this photo shoot. She looks beautiful!
Great view of the city skyline from this spot.
We were so lucky with the weather. Not a cloud in the sky!
Then the happy couple put on their wedding clothes for some shots. We started off at this train station.
Then we headed off to the park by the planetarium. Another great view of the skyline.
We couldn’t help but take a lot of pictures on this deck at the Shedd Aquarium.
When we were done, we set off to get closer to the lake.
That’s where we wrapped up our day.
Congratulations on your marriage, An and Kien!