I traveled to Frankfort, IL to meet up with Anna and Brian for their engagement shoot.
Our meeting place was the Village Bowl. They were waiting on the steps when I arrived, and I started snapping pictures right away.
I had never been to Frankfort before, and I was definitely digging it as we strolled around town.
Brian put on his cowboy hat to accentuate the old-timey feel of the main drag.
Always good advice.
They stopped at the town general store to buy some candy cigarettes to share with their good buddy, Clint Eastwood.
We crossed the bridge…
…and stopped for a tasty treat.
Mmmmm…. ice cream….
And what a cone! That thing is huge!
We traveled to nearby Tinley Park, where Anna and Brian reside, and found this old barn in a field. You all know how I love photographing old barns, so I made this a must-see.
You see? Old barns never disappoint. Unless there’s a pack of wolves living in them, or something.
Anna and Brian were amazing models, and we were having a great time.
Brian gave his lady a piggy-back ride back to the car. What a gentleman!
The shoot wouldn’t have been complete without including a very special someone…
…their pup, Baby Ruth.
Look at that puppy face. Baby Ruth was ready for some fun!
Baby Ruth jumped into the backseat of my car and sat like a perfect lady while drove to a nearby park.
Brian followed us on his motorcycle.
After recreating this amazing stunt, Brian scooped up Anna and recreated the scene at the 2:24 mark of this clip from the American cinematic masterpiece, “Cool as Ice”. I recommend they use the song “Never Wanna Be Without You” for their first dance at the wedding.
That was a lot of excitement for one day! I had a great time with you, Anna and Brian (you too, Baby Ruth!). I’ll see you again at your wedding next month!