Well said, Billy Idol.
After nine years of couplehood, Anna and Eric decided to take the leap into… well… married couplehood.
Anna and her bridesmaids were at her parent’s house getting ready for the celebration.
Eric’s nephew was excited to help out in his role as ring bearer. He didn’t know it would be this much work!
Anna, with her hair and make-up by Mario Tricoci completed, finishes her preparations by putting on her earrings.
Her mom and bridesmaids watched on, ready to help out if needed.
Her dad and mom gave Anna a special Polish blessing before leaving the house.
Then everybody got on the bus… time to go to the chuch!
Eric and his groomsmen were all dressed, eagerly awaiting the ceremony.
Eric’s nephew gave Jesus a high-five when he got to the church.
One of their invitations, which were designed and printed by Hello Lucky.
Eric was the first one to the altar and watched as the bridesmaids made their entrance.
She joined Eric and the ceremony began.
Congratulations to the newlyweds! They were showered with bubbles as the left the chuch…
…and when they got on the party bus!
The movie theater was our first stop. Eric and Anna were both born in Des Plaines and have a ton of hometown pride.
They met while they were both in high school and have been together ever since.
They both said that while growing up in Des Plaines they went to a lot of forest parties.
I get the feeling a lot of these guys were at those parties.
This group was a lot of fun to travel around with and take pictures of.
They were all up for anything!
After wrapping up in the downtown Des Plaines area, we decided to move on to the park. So we loaded up the bus…
…and Anna treated us to a crazy performance of Florence and the Machine’s “The Dog Days Are Over”. She was amazing!
I will never be able to hear that song without thinking of this.
Neither will Eric.
What a show! She wisely decided to save some of her moves for the reception though.
At the park, the first place we hit was this bridge.
We got in some great group shots but were distracted by something we saw…
…a bouncy house!
This girl said “A bride is at our picnic? This is amazing!” I gave her my card. She already booked me for June of 2024.
The bridesmaids made a quick exit…
…once Anna started laying down the body slams.
After all the dancing and bouncing, Anna needed a rest. Eric, a huge music fan who plays guitar and drums, serenaded Anna while she caught her breath.
Then we took a stroll by the lake.
This park was gorgeous.
I was having a great time photographing them, but we had to make tracks…
…because it was almost time for the reception.
We were greeted at the doors of The Belvedere when we entered.
Her dad and the other guests were enjoying the cocktails and each other’s company…
…and especially the appetizers!
The group was definitely in a festive mood.
Everyone found their seats, and Anna’s maid of honor led off the pre-dinner speeches.
Then Eric’s best man gave a toast to the new couple.
Eric’s mom listened with a smile on her face the whole time.
Eric’s musical talents were handed down to him by his father, pictured here.
He treated the guests to a solo on his harmonica.
After dinner, Eric and Anna started off the dancing by sharing their first together as man and wife.
Then Anna shared a father/daughter dance with her father.
Eric and his mom danced together as well.
And we have a winner! One of her bridesmaids caught the bouquet, which was designed by A Perfect Petal.
And then the fellas participated in a garter toss.
Time for dancing!
The Jeff Sandler Orchestra was there to get the party going.
Everyone rocked the night away!
Everybody was partying hard, and I caught this ring shot on my way out the door. When they first started seeing each other, Eric would to clip out copies of the cartoon “Love Is…” that reminded him of Anna or their relationship together. It’s a tradition that he continues to this day.
I had a blast spending the day with you, your family and your friends, Eric and Anna. Congratulations on your marriage!