Anna and Sean were married this past November, and they asked me to shoot their wedding. I got there right as Anna and her mom were finishing up getting ready.
Anna took a minute to attend to her father as well.
Get your tickets for the gun show! Anna shows off how she’s grown between the time the photo for this cut-out was made and now.
Anna straps in for the ride to the chapel. A safe bride is a smart bride. =)
Her dad played chauffeur for the day.
Anna and Sean are both loyal Notre Dame alumni. They were excited to get married at the Log Chapel on campus.

Her father peeked inside to find out when they were supposed to head down the aisle.

The wedding coordinator, Helen Wellin, saved the day. She had everything under control.

How cool is that name?

Sean was waiting for Anna’s big arrival.
She makes her grand entrance.
Sean’s little brother did a fine job addressing the crowd.
Sean’s mom got teared up as the ceremony began.
Anna’s sister.
Anna’s dad watches as the couple begins to exchange their vows.
I love the sketch of the log cabin chapel on the program.
Sean delivers his vows to Anna.
The priest prepares for communion.
Her mother was all smiles!
The priest gives a final blessing on the new couple.
I now pronounce you man and wife!
Anna and Sean exit the chapel to greet their family and friends.
Anna’s mom was full of hugs and happy tears.
Her father.
Check out that face! Love it!
Anna’s mom tends to the veil to keep it from getting too dirty.
A group shot in front of the chapel.
It was a little chilly, so Anna put on a shawl before we headed out to take photos around campus.
Here’s Sean, walking around with his groomsmen.
The group took a moment to pray at the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes on campus.
Then we moved on to shoot at other spots on campus.
This is known as the “Main Building” on campus. Check out the huge, gold dome on top.
There were tons of great locations for pictures on campus.
We made our way across the quad…
…and on to the stadium. These two are both huge fans of Notre Dame sports.
Sean poses with some legends.
Speaking of Legends, we ducked in to one of the campus hot spots for some drinks.
His flower was slowly falling off of his suit jacket so we did a fix quick before grub!
We all grabbed a chair and a drink.
Then dug into some nachos! MEGA nachos!
It wouldn’t be a Notre Dame wedding without watching the game.
Anna and Sean sneak out for some moments alone together.
Anna was looking great, with hair and make-up done by Salon Nouveau.
The last of the fall colors were just starting to drain from the trees.
Anna lets someone else hold the bouquet for awhile.
Anna and Sean held their reception at The Joyce Center, where Notre Dame plays basketball.
The green was well represented!
Look at this gorgeous cake! It was made by a friend of the family’s. They decided to display photographs from their parents big day next to the cake.
A perfect bouquet for a fall wedding, designed by Michaelangelo’s Events in South Bend, Indiana.
The heart stamper that Anna used to help with the DIY decor.
A detail shot of Anna’s wedding necklace which was made by one of her bridesmaids.
We all settled in for the reception, which began with a blessing from the priest.
Anna’s dad thanked the guests for coming.
Her sister took her turn!
After the toasts, I headed outside to see what was going on. I met up with Sean’s dad who was enjoying some fresh air.
Look at this pose! Future GQ model in training!
Spirits were high and everyone was enjoying themselves.
She was not impressed with the camera!
The most impromptu bouquet toss ever.
We headed to the bleachers to check out the basketball court.
11/20/10. Thanks for sharing your day with me, Anna and Sean! I had a lot of fun checking out the Notre Dame campus for the first time with you!