You may remember Ashley from me posting modeling shots of her. I LOVE photographing Ashley. She is so much fun, super cute and SUPER sweet.

When Ashley called to ask me to photograph her wedding in Iowa, I flipped. I was so excited to get to document her biggest day. Her groom, Brian, is awesome too!! We had a blast and I was amazed with all of the details Ashley came up with.

This is her GORGEOUS home in the middle of the country. UH-mazing.

I love this makeup shot. Nika Vaughan joined me on our journey to Iowa and did Ashleys makeup. Nika works with me on a lot of my fashion shoots and we had a great time traveling…..and gossiping! Ha.
Ashleys little niece arrived. This was her first birthday!!
Brian and his parents arrive…
Ashley hears the news that Brian arrives and flips out. LOVE it.
Brians mother had to stop by to get a shot of the bride!
And then they have a crazy, happy moment!
A little mouse and a little makeup…
Ashleys mother getting ready…
Brian was waiting at the front door for the ceremony to begin…
Her shoes were pretty great!
She had placed pennies all over the steps for luck! Also, Ashley just loves pennies and she is goofy. Ha! I think that is why we get along so great!!
The chairs for the ceremony… Come on, how great are they!??!
Her parents wedding photo…
Ashley and her father. Ashley spots Brian!
The ceremony…
Yes, deer heads. I was pretty much freaking out. How cool is that!
Brians parents…
She is doing some double duty shooting!!
Love her expression…
And ‘they did’!!
Ashley gets a hug from Grandma!
A deer and a dear! Ok, that was cheesy.
And then we did some photos of the two of them around the house!
Yes, thats a BOOT-onniere! Love it.
The VW van….
I had to have her do this!
And they were off to the reception!
And she could not wait!
But first, we stopped at her family business!
And then we arrived at Yummy’s for the reception! It was SO great inside. It was very vintage and totally Ashley! The cake was some of the best I have had….and I have had my share of cake! =)
And some of the great details…
Best strawberry jam…..ever!
The cake…
And the cake topper!
And then it was time for her niece to get her cake!
The aftermath!!
And then we went to the actual ‘Field of Dreams’. It was SO great. I am really glad we drove out there to do the shots. It was about 3 hours and on our way back to Chicago. It was a perfect end to a great day.
Some making out under the bleachers!
And then some fake baseball playing!
They stopped to get some postcards! By the way…thanks for mine!
And they had their first dance in the field….
And it was great!!!!!!
Thanks again for asking me to do the wedding! It was a blast!!!!