The dress was prepped and the shoes shined.
The feathers on the purse were fluffed.
And the final touches were being done on Ashley’s hair and make-up. Everything was in place for her marriage to Conor.
One of Ashley’s bridesmaids left strategically placed notes all over the hotel room. I couldn’t agree with this one more!
Ashley had personalized handkerchiefs made for the wedding party. Very appropriate for Ashley’s mom, who began crying when she received hers.
All dolled up and ready to go, Ashley’s dad and sister escort her out of the hotel…
…and into the limo. Off to the church!
While Ashley was on her way, Conor entertained himself and his groomsmen by playing a tune on the piano.
The bridesmaids and Ashley’s mom hung out for a bit before the ceremony.
The family began to arrive at the church. Conor’s little niece was so cute in her special pink dress.
The wedding party was all smiles and good energy as they lined up outside the sanctuary, excited to make their entrances.
Conor and his mom share a moment as he escorts her to her seat.
Ashley’s mom was already starting to well up.
Conor took his place at the alter and watched as Ashley entered with her father.
Her dad was beaming with pride as he walked with Ashley to the alter.
After giving her away, Ashley’s dad took his seat and the ceremony began.
Ashley and Conor were wed at the beautiful St. Clement Church here in the city.
The priest gave a message before beginning the vows.
And the bridesmaids did a very good job of sitting still and making faces!
Conor’s brother served as best man. Here he his, fulfilling his duties by making sure the ring is delivered safe and sound.
Conor makes his vow to Ashley and places the ring on her finger.
The guests leave their seats to take part in communion.
After communion there was a special addition to the ceremony as Ashley’s parents…
…and Conor’s parents joined them at the alter to renew their wedding vows.
Conor goes in for big kiss as he and Ashley are pronounced man and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Shields went into the church courtyard to greet their family and friends.
What a cutie.
Then the wedding party hopped on the bus and cracked open the champagne.
A toast to the newlyweds!
‘Atta girl, Ashley! Bottom’s up! It’s your party!
Our first stop for group pictures was the garden outside of LIncoln Park Zoo.
Ashley and her bridesmaids.
A close up of her bouquet. The gorgeous flowers for the day were designed by the talented crew at Asrai Garden.
Back on the bus, Conor’s best man got the dance party started.
Conor found something to amuse himself. One of the bridesmaids told me that it’s used to protect your fingers from burns when you’re using a curling iron. Huh. I learn something new everyday.
Ashley was just as amused as Conor.
And some were just confused.
Time to head back to Salvage One where the reception was being held.
Conor grabbed Ashley for some photos around the grounds before we headed in for the party.
Whew! Luckily, Ashley’s sister was on hand to keep Conor from falling down the well.
That was a close call!
Ashley’s sister slides in for some quality time with the bride.
Conor’s brother and sister-in-law pose for a picture in front of the Salvage One scenery.
Conor gets some love from the ladies.
And some more love from his wife.
The guests began to arrive in the courtyard as cocktail hour began.
The tables boasted more gorgeous arrangements from Asrai Garden.
The tags served as a creative way to display the table assignments.
Others find it cute.
Ashley and her grandmother.
Here’s her grandfather, hamming it up for the cameras.
The guests mingled and enjoyed their drinks.
And then made their way inside to begin the formal dinner.
The priest gave a blessing before the meal, but someone missed it…
…Ashley and Conor! The band forgot to announce the bride and groom, and they had been waiting outside the dining hall.
No worries, though. On with the meal! C Catering Boutique prepared the food for the day.
Ashley’s dad was first up for speeches, and thanked everyone for sharing the day with his family.
Here’s to the newlyweds!
Ashley’s sister teared up a bit during her maid of honor toast.
But she finished with a laugh.
Conor’s brother was next up with his toast.
He cracked some jokes…
…he touched some hearts…
…he made some fall asleep. Give him a break! It’s hard to stay awake after a big meal!
After the toasts, it was time for the couple’s first dance.
Then Ashley and her father enjoyed a dance together.
Then everyone hit the dance floor!
The band for the evening, The Gold Coast All Stars, got everybody up on their feet.
The guest was showing everybody how it’s done.
Conor’s dad tore up that dance floor!
The party carried on into the night. It was quite a scene!
I had a great time with you and your families, Ashley and Conor. Thanks for sharing your big day with me!