Ashley and Scott were married this past August. I started the day off with Ashley at her hotel. Here she is receiving her ‘something new’ for the wedding from her father.
Meanwhile, Scott was suiting (and lacing) up.
The couple met up in the lobby. Here’s Scott awaiting his first glimpse of his bride.
The wonderful mural in the lobby of Hotel Allegro.
Excited and ready to enjoy the day!
We took a few moments to put the Hotel Allegro’s decor to good use.
Off we go into the heart of downtown.
The guys were rockin’ some Converse.
Ashley’s brother and Scott pal around.
Here’s the whole wedding party, risking life and limb in the middle of the street for a great shot.
Ashley was effortlessly beautiful.
And Scott was effortlessly cool.
Scott had to make sure the wedding party knew where they were going. They were all here from out of town.
Photo bombed by the wedding party! They arrived in style.
Another group shot.
Downtown Chicago makes for some of the best photo backdrops. Love this city!
Scott and Ashley were relaxed and having fun throughout the day.
They must have known we were coming.
Ashley’s sister gets a ride to the House Of Blues.
Can’t go the HOB without having a couple of drinks.
Ashley, Scott and I broke off to go take some more pictures around town.
Union Station.
We can’t stand to be away from you. Awesome!
Hangin’ out at the station.
I love this one.
On the way to the ceremony, we visited the Lincoln Park Zoo. They are both from the country and wanted to incorporate that aspect. I loved it.
How many tractors can you find in Chicago? I am guessing not many.
You almost forget you’re in the city when you visit this part of the park.
Okay! Time for the big show. Off to the ceremony.
Since the ceremony was in a beautiful clearing in Lincoln Park, Ashley laid down some blankets for guest to stretch out on.
Refreshments provided! Here are some bottles of yummy, locally made sodas.
…and cookies!
One of the coolest ideas for a program.
The guests were given flags to wave at the conclusion of the ceremony.
The wedding/picnic theme… so much fun!
Ashley and her siblings get into position.
Ashley and her father make their way to Scott.
The groom gets a glimpse over the hill.
I loved her new outfit!
Scott’s groomsmen look on….
…as the couple exchange vows.
I do!
As the cookie program says: (get LOUD)!
And now it’s time…
…for their first ice cream as husband and wife.
Their reception was at Northstar Eatery. It was right in the middle of Lincoln Park. I loved it.
Another great idea. Photos of each guest were used as place cards.
The reception site was filled with lots of bright colors and decorations!
Ashley’s sister made the cakes! What a great job, too!
The super cool rings!
People lined up for a special photo session. Ashley and Scott provided some props for guests to use.
Uh oh! Watch out.
Ashley and Scott kicked off the dancing.
Love this!
Since when did Batman have a mustache?
It was an active reception!
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little bump ‘n grind.
Ashley demanded that her picture be taken with this Brad Pitt stand-in. Sorry ladies! I don’t think he’s on the market!
These guys know how to throw a party!
One last shot… the view of the Chicago nighttime sky from the reception site. Thanks for a great evening, Ashley and Scott. Spending the day with you was a blast.