Ashley and Scott jumped in my car and we toured the city together. My favorite way to shoot engagement sessions!

Our first stop was near Bottom Lounge and this VW van fell from heaven. I would love to own it. So cool!

We definitely used it to our advantage.
After we took advantage of the van we headed down the street to find some more great spots.
I love this one!
Lake Street.
Couldn’t pass this up!
We left downtown and headed to Montrose Harbor. I do not get to shoot here often and I forgot what a great spot it is!
Scott’s shoes took center stage!
Some lake shots.
The bird sanctuary is definitely one of Chicago’s hidden gems! Love it.
They played around with sunglasses, hats and bubbles!
Love props!
They let me make them look miniature in a few shots.
And then we ran over to their place to photograph them with their best friends.
I love the painting on the wall of their apartment that Ashley is working on.
Those dogs are too much!
See you at the wedding next month!