This is Belle and Tom. I’ll be photographing their wedding, and we met up a few weeks ago to shoot their engagement session.
We were lucky to schedule it during that week of incredibly nice weather we had in early October.
Not a cloud in the sky!
And the bright fall colors were on display as we walked through the lily pond at Lincoln Park Zoo.
We decided that it was the perfect day to ride the carousel, too.
Then we hit the streets to check out some of my favorite backdrops.
Belle and Tom were some hard-working models, too! I kept them working as we went to the rail yard after our mural tour.
We were having a great time taking photos, but there was one more place we needed to check out.
The last stop was Belle and Tom’s home, where a certain special someone was waiting for us. Her name is Daisy, and she is adorable.
And she had plenty of puppy love for her humans.
I had a great time with you, Belle and Tom! I’ll see you soon when you say “I do”!