Man, do I love visiting California. So I jumped at the opportunity when Bernice and Peter asked me to photograph their wine country wedding. As an added bonus, my good friend Jenny Elwick was available and willing to photograph with me!

Jenny and I met the family in Sonoma at The Fieldstone House where they were renting a cabin. It was gorgeous there.
Sonia Roselli, who also travelled from Chicago, was just beginning Bernice’s make-up when we arrived.
Sonia was all business.
She did a great job. Bernice looked amazing. Her hair was done by Megan at Lauthr Salon.
Bernice’s dad took full advantage of the comforts of the house while everybody primped.
Luckily we had time for Bernice to give us a tour. That pool was calling my name! But I resisted the temptation to jump in… for the time being.
While we were enjoying the outdoors I took a shot of Bernice’s fantastic earrings.
Then Bernice put them on, and she was ready to go.
Meanwhile, Jenny was with the guys, hanging out at a bar waiting and waiting for the couple’s first meeting.
We weren’t far away. After a quick limo ride, we arrived at the meeting place…
…the fountain in the Sonoma Square.
The first meeting is always one of my favorite parts of the day.
Love this shot of Bernice!
Peter, Bernice, Jenny and myself headed out to take some pictures around Sonoma Square.
This guy was following us around and mocking them as they were kissing for photos. No clue who he was, but Bernice’s sister-in-law thought he was hilarious.
The ceremony time was getting closer and closer, so we moved to Gloria Ferrer which was right across the street from their venue.
We took full advantage of all the gorgeous scenery for pictures.
A quick champagne toast in the limo…
…and then it was time for their ceremony at Viansa. It was a beautiful winery!
Sunglasses were in order for the ceremony. It was a hot one!
Peter’s mom kept an eye on him as he spotted his bride.
Then all eyes were on Bernice as she made her entrance, escorted by her father.
Lots of cameras were snapping, capturing our lovebirds as the ceremony began.
Bernice and Peter provided parasols for all of their guests.
Bernice was so happy she didn’t even notice the sun.
Is that a tear or a bead of sweat?
Bernice’s mom enjoyed the ceremony. A lot!
The couple delivered their vows and exchanged rings…
…and the deal was done! Our newlyweds walked down the aisle…
…and into the reception area where Peter had a surprise for his new wife.
She had wanted chandeliers for the reception, but thought it was out of their budget. Bernice was overjoyed and excited when she saw them!
While the guests enjoyed the beginning of the cocktail hour, we went out to take more photos around the vineyard.
Bernice was absolutely glowing throughout the entire day.
The guests enjoyed the cocktail hour, with food and drink provided by Sage Catering.
Peter’s sister, sister-in-law and their little guy mingled with the other guests on the gigantic patio.
Everyone was enjoying the sunshine, the company and, of course, the wine.
One of the groomsmen strikes a pose for my camera.
It was about time for the formal reception to begin, and I snuck inside to take some detail shots before everyone was seated for dinner.
A beautiful flower garland, designed by Lavender Floral, who did a great job preparing all the flowers for the wedding.
Their elegant and delicious cake was made by Perfect Endings Bakery.
The wine glasses let everyone know where they were seated. Peter was front and center!
Blueberry-lime water was available for the guests. It was even more delicious than it looks!
Cards featuring these lovebirds were available for guests to write a message to the bride and groom.
Then they were hung on this tree.
Amen to that.
The tables were all set and the guests began to make their way to their seats.
Peter and Bernice make their grand entrance.
Bernice’s dad led off the toasts by thanking all the guests for coming.
Peter’s mom listened intently during the speeches.
Then Peter’s dad addressed the guests, giving best wishes to his son and new daughter-in-law.
Bernice’s sister Alice was all smiles.
Peter’s best man then took the mic to give his toast.
Finally, Bernice and Peter gave their thanks and love to all the guests.
The lights dimmed and they danced their first slow dance as husband and wife.
Bernice’s dad joined her for a father-daughter dance…
…while Peter shared a dance with his mom.
Then all the ladies wanted some time with Peter!
Whew! That was intense!
Then the dancing began!
Everybody was dancing to the mix played by DJ Kevin O’Scanlon.
We made one last trip around the room as we got ready to leave for the night.
Jenny took this shot as we made our way back to the car. It was the perfect shot to end a perfect day!
Thanks for inviting me to Sonoma to shoot your wedding, Peter and Bernice. Congratulations on your marriage and I wish you all the best!