Beth and Garret had a gorgeous day at the Morton Arboretum!

Here are some guests arriving to the ceremony…

And Garret with his siblings!
His father was ready for the ceremony…
And Garret was ready for his bride!
And its official!
There are some great spots at the Arboretum. It was great being able to shoot with them for a long time. Awesome!
And we did it anyway! I am a bad influence. =)
Elizabeth looks beautiful!
The wedding party spotted a squirrel…
And he could not take his eyes off of it!
I love this one…
I am not sure what is happening here!
Ha! There are lots of brides at the Arboretum. It can get confusing.
A little snack break!
And MORE shots!
Some lipstick checking…
I LOVE this one!
Elizabeths friend helped her out with her dress while we were shooting. I had to have her jump in a few shots!
And then we headed to the reception…
But not before stopping for another snack!
And then we arrive! Yes, that is Robin and Wonder Woman. They asked guests to come as a superhero character if they wanted. Well, only a few dressed up! I was happy to even have a few superheroes in the mix!
Garrets mother approves of our arrival time!
We had to cut the cake fast….it was melting!
But, not before Wolverine greets the couple…
And the cameras were ready for the cake cutting.
Garrets father gives a blessing…
Love it.
They had a nice lake in their backyard. His brothers were helping with some last minute details….
Thats one way to get a great reaction to a photo!
Their dog took a quick swim before dancing!
And the first dance….
The parent dances…
Some crazy dancing!
And the fireworks that Garret planned for Elizabeth!
Christine got this great shot!! What a way to end a really cool party!!!