Betsy and David were all ready to begin their life together as a married couple.
Betsy and her bridesmaids were having their hair and make-up done at her house in Ravenswood.
Monique Madrid Styling had a lot of hair and make-up to do, and they did a great job.
One of the bridesmaids worked on a crossword puzzle while everyone was getting dolled up. Here she is getting some hints.
Meanwhile, Betsy occupied herself by practicing writing her new name.
Her shoes…
And earrings.
David was with his groomsmen, all suited up and ready to go. That day was steamin’ hot- David was sitting in front of the AC to cool off.
Betsy was too excited to mind the heat as we hit the road for her first meeting with her soon-to-be husband.
David was in position and ready for his first look at Betsy in all her beautiful, bridal glory.
He was speechless!
They shared a quick kiss and a few words…
…and then we set off to take some pictures around their Ravenswood neighborhood.
Betsy and David are both actors, and they actually met while they were in a show together.
I love photographing actors. They’re pros!
I led them to this house, that’s actually down the block from my old Ravenswood apartment.
The gentlemen who live there were very kind in letting us take some pictures in their gorgeous garden.
You can’t even tell it’s in the city!
We were having fun, but it was time to make our way to the ceremony and reception site.
David met up with his family in the parking lot of Architectural Artifacts for a greeting.
Inside, Betsy was cooling off before the ceremony.
Refreshed, she took a peek at where she was about to get married.
She looked down over the balcony at all the guests who had found their seats.
Downstairs, David gave his mom a hug as she was escorted to her seat and he took his place at the altar.
Betsy walked across the catwalk…
…and made her way to join David. He teared up when he saw her.
Betsy’s dad walked her down the aisle while the musicians from A Touch of Class played.
And David’s dad, who’s also a preacher, presided over the ceremony.
David’s father began with a greeting to the guests and wedding party.
David’s brother performed a song for Betsy and David.
And then David made delivered his wedding vows to Betsy.
They exchanged rings…
…received a blessing…
…and then sealed the deal with a kiss. Congratulations!
Whew! Betsy took a break from the heat right after the ceremony.
David’s brother went in for a congratulatory hug.
And David’s dad made it legal by signing the marriage license.
Uh-oh. I think I may have some competition!
The whole family was ready to party and was in a great mood during the family portraits.
Time for cocktail hour!
Betsy’s mom and stepdad.
Everyone was enjoying the drinks and conversation, so I ducked inside to take some detail photos.
The floral design for the day was done by Gail Estka Designs.
They had a wonderfully creative idea for the table assignments. Everyone grabbed the card with their name on it…
…then looked at this map.
For them to find their table…
they had to match the artifact on the card with the artifact on the table.
The guests all found their tables and then the wedding party was introduced.
David’s mom and dad began the toasts with a blessing for the newlyweds.
Betsy’s Maid of Honor gave a speech next.
Betsy’s stepdad joined in for a laugh.
Then David’s brother, who also served as best man, saluted his brother and sister-in-law.
Betsy and David were the last ones to take the mic as they thanked the guests for all their love and support.
The newlyweds took the floor as they danced their first dance.
Betsy’s father took his turn during the father-daugher dance.
Then everyone was invited to hit the dance floor.
Amanda from Toast & Jam served as DJ for the evening.
The guests were tearing up the dance floor…
…especially David’s dad!
David’s brother was really into it!
Guests beat the heat by enjoying cool drinks…
…and one of the guests found the perfect spot right in front of the AC!
Things really got interesting when one of David’s groomsmen, a friend and former roommate, performed a bizarre but amazing rendition of an Enya song.
He really knew how to entertain the crowd!
Betsy and David, I had a great time sharing your wedding day with you, your family and your friends.
I hope to see you both again soon… maybe on stage in one of your plays!