All hands on deck! It was time for the annual Toast & Jam company boat party! Jarrod and I were there last year, too, and were excited to be back on board the party barge.
The guest DJ from last year was back, all fired up and ready to get the boat rockin’.
And it didn’t take long before the crew, all hopped up on pizza and booze, was working that dance floor.
Even in her delicate condition, Toast & Jam owner Mary was working that floor.
Nothing could keep this motley crew from partying heartily.
And no one parties harder than our ol’ pal Robyn.
Dancing on a boat is the most fun ever. If you ever get a chance, jump on it.
Jarrod was having a great time, too. I’m not sure what he’s trying to do to poor, unsuspecting Kristen, though.
It was a warm summer night, too, perfect for both dancing and conversing while checking out the Chicago skyline.
Robyn and Jarrod certainly enjoyed each other’s company.
Our friends Rachel and Rob held on tight as the boat rocked against some unruly waves.
It paired well with the rocking made by some unruly DJs.
Dustin and Morgan were there, too! A party is always more fun when they’re in attendance!
Mary’s husband John raged on the deck with a vengeance.
And here’s Liz, being all patriotic and stuff.
Finally, the evening wrapped up with a display of fireworks.
Jarrod was amazed…
…while John and Mary decided to make some fireworks of their own.
Too hot.
Thanks for having us tag along! We’re always up for celebrating with the Toast & Jam crew!