Boden was waiting and ready to greet me for his latest photo shoot.
Boden’s a lucky guy… he’s got Gavin, who’s already a great big brother!
And his mom and dad aren’t too bad, either.
The boys were ready to get down to business…
…so they took me to the back yard of their new house to show me around.
And there were bubbles, too! Gavin tried his best to pop them while Boden was content watching them float on by.
Gavin and Boden were doing a great job posing for photos together, but Gavin left to set up a surprise…
…and I took some portraits of Boden all by his lonesome.
A few minutes later, Gavin called me over to show me what he was up to. The sprinkler!
Gavin got soaked…
…but was having a great time!
Gavin grabbed a towel and started to dry off…
…while Boden got a special snack. Pureed blueberries… his first time trying them, too!
Boden wasn’t afraid to dive right in.
Boden learned a very important lesson regarding the physics of pureed blueberries that afternoon.
A delicious lesson, that is!
I had a great time meeting you, Boden, and it’s always wonderful to see you and your parents, Gavin! I look forward to hanging out with you all again soon!