Leslie and Brian were married on February 5th here in Chicago, very shortly after our giant blizzard! I met up with Leslie in her suite at The Dana Hotel.
Leslie gets a card from her mother.
The tears started early at this wedding!
And then it was time to get ready.
Her mother and maid of honor helped her out.
…just in case any minor alterations needed to made.
The ladies take a step back to admire the bride.
Meanwhile, Brian hangs out in the lobby of the hotel with his family while waiting for the “all clear” to have his first meeting with Leslie.
He was all smiles on the way up to the room.
Brian grabbed a seat, closed his eyes and gave a thumbs up when he was ready.
It was a really sweet moment with some beautiful light!
I love this one.
Her mother and maid of honor stepped inside the living room to witness the moment.
Leslie dried her eyes…
…and Brian checked out how good she looked in the dress.
Just a little more attention for the dress.
Leslie looked amazing. Her hair and makeup were done by Susan at Sonia Roselli.
Time for some pictures! We grabbed a cab and headed out into the city.
Brian was all smiles all day!
Leslie and Brian were real troopers. This was mere days after the monster blizzard came through Chicago, but the two of them braved the sloppy, slushy streets and freezing cold weather!
And I’m glad they did.
We had some great backdrops.
Back in the cab, and on to Union Station.
Brian, looking very dapper in his tux.
Brian knows just how to make Leslie smile. Today, it was to keep her warm!
Union Station is a great place for photos. It has that old, historic Chicago feeling throughout.
Having warmed up in the station, we decided to go back out into the streets for more outdoor pictures.
Tight squeeze! Watch out for that dress!
Leslie’s ready for winter slush! Brian, however, may end up with soggy feet.
More photos!
Some bridge shots with the skyline in the background.
Oh, the excitement! It’s time to get married! The cab took us to Gallery 1028 where their ceremony and reception were to be held.
Once we got there, I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the florals and decorations that were designed by Kehoe Designs.
Brian looks at his shoes nervously as he waits for Leslie to join him for the wedding ceremony.
Leslie’s mom walks her down the aisle and hugs her before giving her away.
The ceremony begins.
His parents.
Leslie tears up during the candle-lighting portion of the ceremony.
It was really cool to see all of the candles being held up by their guests.
Leslie and Brian exchange their vows…
…and are then pronounced man and wife! Congratulations!
Immediately after the ceremony, everyone enjoyed cocktails and appetizers provided by Calihan Catering before sitting down to the formal reception.
Double-fisting it! My kind of girl!
Leslie’s best friend and maid of honor, Courtney, takes a moment to take it all in.

Ok, she was really guarding the restroom so that Leslie could have some alone time!

Yes, this happened.
Brian grabbed a quick photo with Lori from Lola Events. She really rocked out this one. The decor at their reception was seriously perfect in every way!
Some cocktail texting.
Yup. It’s real.
Brian and Leslie got to check out the reception site before they invited the guests into the room.
The very cool table decor.
I was in heaven shooting all the details. They hung old window frames from the ceiling and placed candles on top. So cool!
The place cards.
The reception started with their first dance.
Leslie and Brian end their first dance with a big finish.
The Party Faithful provided the dancing music for the reception.
Then everyone hit the dance floor, and Brian shares a quick dance with his new mother-in-law.
It was a spirited crowd!
A little primping for a picture.
It was a noisy crowd!
Brian’s mother led the crowd in a family tradition, a song!
The lyrics were on the table and Brian’s dad had his ready to go.
Brian’s brother served as Best Man.
And here are Brian’s nephews, wishing their aunt and uncle happiness.
Then Leslie’s maid of honor congratulated her friends.
Last up were the newlyweds, who thanked their guests for their love and support.
Then it was time to party…again!
Everybody was enjoying the band and having a great time cutting loose.
The celebration went on and on into the evening.
Showing off some dance moves.
I grabbed Brian and Leslie for one last photo shoot outside before I left for the evening.
Thanks for sharing your big day with me, Brian and Leslie. It came together perfectly and was definitely a night to remember! All the best to both of you as you begin your life together.