Meet Briana! She’s the daughter of Kelly and Ariel, whose wedding I photographed back in, well, let’s not date ourselves… I’ll just say back before my current blog was active.
Anyway, I was thrilled when Kelly and Ariel called me to set up a photo shoot for Briana.
We met up at Lincoln Park, where Briana enjoyed some time saying ‘hi’ to the ducks.
She was able to contain her excitement for a few minutes and let me take a portrait.
But wasn’t long before she was on the move again!
Briana and her mom took a few minutes for an outfit change.
Briana is definitely pretty in pink!
She was all smiles when she saw the surprise we had for her…
Briana decided to try her hand at bubble making. It takes a little practice!
Briana loves her bubbles!
It was great to meet you Briana and to have the chance to visit with your parents again. I hope to see you all again soon!