Time to celebrate! Our good friend Bridget, of Shannon Gail Events, got married earlier this summer, and I was there to photograph the day. It was a blast, too, start to finish. The party began at Bridget’s hotel suite as she prepared alongside her family and bridesmaids. Here’s the bride getting ready to climb into her dress:
So gorgeous!
Bridget’s dad thought so, too, as he and Bridget’s mom got their first look at the bride.
Bridget was ready to walk the aisle and marry Tim.
Tim was almost ready himself, as he was having a good time with his groomsmen while they got ready.
Soon enough, Tim was in place on the roof of the W Lakeshore. Both Tim and Bridget were smiling from ear to ear when they got their first look at each other in their wedding gear. Such a perfect moment!
After the first look, the bridal party jumped into the party bus and headed out for pictures around town. First stop: the old rail yard in the west side. The walk can be a little intimidating… it’s a long driveway and kinda dusty, but worth the effort!
I love this picture of Bridget waving to the conductor as the train lumbers by.
Tim and his groomsmen got creative for one of their group portraits.
Finally, Tim and Bridget spent some time taking pictures of just the two of them together.
The bride was having so much fun, she couldn’t believe it was time to go!
We’ve got place to go and pictures to take, Bridget!
The bridal party made a quick stop by Goose Island Brewery for group shots…
…and then Bridget and Tim got in a few quick kisses.
Next stop: the church! Bridget was walked down the aisle by her father, who gave his daughter a hug and kiss before she joined Tim at the altar. It was a beautiful, traditional Catholic ceremony, and some of my favorites are included here:
With rings and vows exchanged, Bridget and Tim were married! Congratulations!!!
The party continued at the Museum of Contemporary Art, where a fantastic reception was all set and ready to go. The bridal party posed for one last group shot…
…and then the newlyweds and I took a few moments to take pictures around the museum.
The guests began to arrive shortly thereafter, and enjoyed cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and each other’s company on the museum’s patio.
After cocktail hour, everyone settled in for the meal. When dinner was finished, Bridget and Tim’s loved ones took turns at the microphone, toasting the couple. First up was Bridget’s dad.
The Maid of Honor was up next, offering words of advice.
Then Tim’s brother shared some memories with the group.
After speeches, Bridget and Tim took to the dance floor to share their first dance as husband and wife. Then the parents had a turn, as Bridget took a twirl with her father and Tim did the same with his mother.
Then everyone hit the floor! And boy, were these guests ever ready to boogie! Check out some of my favorite images from Bridget and Tim’s dance party:
What a fun day and what a fantastic celebration! Congratulations to you both, Bridget and Tim. Thank-you for sharing your big day with me!