Time to make it legal! I met up with Brook and Jason at City Hall to document the marriage!
Here’s the happy couple getting ready to head into marriage court.
Jason goes into his wallet to pay the steep processing fee. If you consider $10 steep.
Brook’s family was able to attend the event. Jason’s mother couldn’t make it. South Africa is not close!
They watch on as the judge prepares all the necessary documents.
We had to send his mother some love!
Exchanging vows…
…while the family takes pictures.
Jason puts the ring on Brook’s finger.
It’s a done deal! You’re now husband and wife in the eyes of the law!
And here’s the paper to prove it!
That had to be the shortest ceremony that I have ever shot! I think it was about 2 1/2 minutes.
Brook’s dad gives her a hug.
Let’s get out of here and take some pictures!
Not one for formality, Jason ditches the tie.
Brook and Jason say good-bye to their families before we head out.
And we were off…
We started on LaSalle.
I love it when people try to cover up to avoid the camera. It makes me wonder what they’re hiding from.
We caught a few shots at the train platform.
We also stopped at the Kinzie St. bridge for a few minutes.
They are a seriously fun and laid-back couple. Here they are, joking around. I think I actually told Jason to “act gay”. I know. I am so politically incorrect.
Next up: the rail yards!
We had to take a picture in front of the awesome mural.
And one of my favorite murals. You will hear me weep when this is gone.
Some flexing…
and posing.
Being silly, again. =)
Thanks for letting me photograph this amazing day. I loved it! I will never forget my first courthouse wedding.