Fun. Thats all I have to say about Brooke and Jared. They were up for anything and we even got to play at Kiddieland! I was freaking out when I found out they were going to let us shoot there!! I got to work with Tying The Knot again, which was great. You should check them out if you ever want a stress free wedding planning experience. AND….Nancy and David of David Wittig Photography were there. Nancy is a friend of Brookes and she was in the wedding party. Again, FUN!

Here is Brooke sneaking into her dress…

They are both teachers so I really loved their first meeting!
Jared attempted a portrait of them kissing. Hmmm…uncanny.
The ceremony.
Thanks for this one Jenny!
Jareds sister and her boyfriend get caught by her father. They were too cute.
The baby pushers.
And off to take pictures…
The bus ride was crazy. They kept hiding this joker card in peoples pockets and whoever had it on them had to take a shot. It was a bumpy ride!
Brooke got caught with the joker. I love her expression after the shot. Ha!
The wedding party.
And then we arrive at Kiddieland. I have to say….Jared and his expressions were HILARIOUS. He was so excited to get inside the amusement park!!!
Yes, a Tilt-A-Whirl!!!!
I love this one!
When we got to the reception, the light hitting the cake looked so cool!
And then they destroyed it…
The first dance.
And then one of the groomsmen joined the band for ‘Living On A Prayer’.
And the rest of the night was one big party!!!!
And there is Nancy.
Peace out.