Jarrod and I went with some friends to L.A. to see our good pals Becky and Dave tie the knot. They got married at a beautiful venue that overlooked the ocean. Becky’s Mom and sister were there to greet us when we arrived.
Here’s Becky, being led down the aisle by her father.
She got a little choked up!
Dave was waiting at the alter for her. The happy tears kept comin’!
They shared a big smooch after their “I do’s”.
Here’s Becky’s sister. This crafty lady made all of the decorations for the wedding and reception.
These strands of flowers were used as a backdrop as guests took polaroids of themselves.
This group of paper flowers were hung over Becky and Dave during the ceremony.
And then there was the dessert table…
Mmmm… toasted marshmallow. I may or may not have had 4 of these.
Becky’s Dad proudly displayed this button:
Becky’s mom and sister share a hug post-ceremony.
Someone captured the first dance on their iPhone.
Becky’s Dad poses for a quick picture. Sonia just couldn’t put down her camera.
Becky’s niece was tearing up the dance floor.
She’s lucky she had a someone trustworthy to watch her kitten while she danced.
Ali Phillips, a friend of the couples’ and a wedding planner here in Chicago was there with her husband to join in the fun!
We had a blast hanging out with Becky and Dave’s friends. This couple sat next to Jarrod and I at dinner- they had us talking and laughing the whole time!
And here’s Jarrod, posing with Rebecca. Rebecca was one of the friends we hung out with while enjoying L.A.
Rebecca traveled to L.A. with the one and only Sonia Roselli, seen here. Sonia’s husband was there as well, and between him, Sonia and Rebecca we were in great company!
Beckys niece said goodbye to the bride before she was tucked in for the night.
Whew! Dave was all sweaty from working the dance floor. We all partied hard, as a matter of fact.
Maybe a little too hard, if there’s such a thing. We were worn out from eating and dancing, but had a great time!

Congratulations to Becky and Dave- we can’t wait to visit you in L.A. again!