My day with Carolyn and Mark started off in their home, where I was greeted by Mark (and the couple’s adorable pup!). The whole family was assembled, brimming with excitement as the day got underway. The last item of business before heading out was making sure the fur baby got a walk outside…
…and after a pat on the head, we were off.
Just downstairs from Carolyn and Mark’s home is this gorgeous spot, which we used for their first look. Mark took his spot, back turned to the stairs as Carolyn made her way down. She tapped him on the shoulder and the two hugged straight away. They took a few moments to admire each other, then we were off to the ceremony!
Carolyn’s parents served as chauffeur as we made our way to Old St. Pat’s, where family was waiting for us.
Mark’s nephew, brother-in-law and dad were biding their time on the steps of the church. After a few quick pictures, they ushered us in to the church.
Carolyn was escorted down the aisle by her father. The bride took her place next to her groom, and the wedding mass was underway. Old St. Pat’s is a beautiful church for a wedding, as you’ll see in this collection of images from Carolyn and Mark’s ceremony:
With rings and vows exchanged, Carolyn and Mark were made husband and wife! The two made their way down the aisle and then received congratulations from their family and friends.
The whole group headed across the street for group photos…
…and one of my favorites was this one of Carolyn, her sisters and their grandmother.
The newlyweds and I parted ways with the party for a little bit, as we hailed a cab and headed back toward their condo downtown.
We got some great pictures while walking down Michigan Avenue, too.
They don’t call it the Windy City for nothin’!
We headed up to their apartment to give some love to their pup. What a cutie!
And finally, we joined the family at Piccolo Sognore for lunch. After a toast thanking those gathered for their love and support, everyone sat down to enjoy the meal.
It was a beautiful day– thank-you for sharing it with me, Carolyn and Mark! Congratulations on your marriage!