Awww, Charli! No need to cry!
This pretty girl and her parents met me at the park for a photo session a few weeks ago. Although she was a little shy around the camera at first…
…she soon warmed up and was smiling ear to ear.
Charli was having a great time exploring the park with her mom and dad. You can see how much she loves her folks!
When her little legs got tired, dad swooped in to give her a piggyback ride.
And of course mom got a turn with Charli in front of the camera, too!
The highlight of the afternoon, though, was exploring the park’s waterfall. Charli was very curious about the flowing water!
Charli even found some pretty flowers (that matched her dress perfectly!).
It was good to see you, Charli! I hope I have a chance to visit with you and your parents again soon!