Charlie Bea came back for another visit! I took pictures of her at this time last year for her 1st Birthday and now it was time for 2nd birthday photos!
One of our first stops was Nancy Rosen’s studio. She’s a friend of Charlie Bea’s family.
I’ve got to point out Charlie Bea’s cute flower pin. It was made by her aunt Becca who just opened up her Etsy store.
Here’s Charlie Bea with her moms. Look at how excited she is. She loves art!!
Nancy is such a good friend. She brought some yummy cupcakes for Charlie Bea.
The next stop was the beach. This was Charlie Bea’s first time on sand.
She loved it!
After some fun on the sand, we headed out to the woods around the beach.
Charlie Bea was so brave. She was all about climbing the tree.
Climbing the tree got Charlie Bea warmed up for taking a hike.
She led the pack down the trail.
And guess where the trail ended…
…the playground! Charlie Bea’s grandma had some fun giving her a push on the swing.
While Charlie Bea and grandma had fun on the swing, Beth and I had a photoshoot of our own.
The playground was so much fun, Charlie Bea didn’t want to go!
It was great seeing you and your family again, Charlie Bea! I hope to see you again for your next birthday… if not sooner!