I was asked by my friend Dory to photograph her with her horse Chazz. I was more than happy to, and met her and Chazz in his stable at Daybreak Farm in Libertyville.
He was not camera shy.
We headed out into the pasture to begin the photoshoot.
This was a bittersweet shoot, as Dory was preparing to say good-bye to Chazz.
She had been riding with Chazz for years, and now he was moving on to ride with a new family in Florida.
After a quick trip around the pasture, we headed back to the stables for a costume change.
While Dory changed, I made nice with stable dogs.
And watched as this girl had her riding practice.
It was such a gorgeous place! I definitely want to go back.
Dory came back wearing her wedding dress.
It was super windy that day, which actually worked to our advantage.
I love how the red dress looks against Chazz’s white coat.
I really love these!
The crazy wind and beautiful light. We were going crazy!
Dory gave Chazz some lovins’ as we got ready to leave for the day.
She gives him a kiss good-bye.
Chazz brought the funny from beginning to end.
We took a shot of the two of us before we parted ways.
It was a beautiful day and a wonderful shoot with Chazz and Dory. I can’t wait to photograph another horse. So much fun!