Say ‘hey’ to Cooper!
Cooper and I go way back and I was happy to see him and his parents again.
And he shared my enthusiasm for checking out the plant life residing in the Lincoln Park Conservatory!
Cooper found the best seat in the house for conservatory observatory.
As beautiful as it was inside the conservatory, the outdoors were calling our name.
He was having a blast on the tree, but really lit up when he saw someone special…
…his pup Marshall! Cooper and Marshall took a seat in the grass and dug in to a bowl of raspberries. Ah! Summer!
Cooper knows that sharing is caring. What a buddy.
With snack all finished, we heard the lakeshore calling our names.
Cooper was ready for some fun in the sun.
He had learned some new tricks since our last visit that he wanted to show me…
Up and down and up and down and up and down…
…then pose. A photographer’s dream!
The ever-curious Cooper saw something going on at the top of the hill.
Better go check it out!
The kites looked fun, but even more appealing was running down the big hill.
Wore out! Mom and dad relaxed by stretching out on the grass…
…and Cooper lost a layer to help cool off.
But there’s no rest for Cooper… not when you have a buddy like Marshall who loves to play!
What a duo. I can’t wait to hear all about their adventures growing up together.
It was great to see you and your family again, Cooper! I hope your summer only gets more fun from here!