I had first met with Cooper a year ago and was excited to hang out with him and his family again.
It was amazing how much he had grown since I had seen him last!
Cooper was excited to see me, too, because he had some big news to share.
He now has a baby sister- meet Lucy!
Cooper loves being around Lucy.
How adorable are they?
Mom and Dad jumped in for a few pictures, too. Cooper could barely contain his excitement.
A big hug for mom…
…and some smooches for Lucy.
That was enough for Lucy! She caught a few z’s…
…while Cooper caught a few of his favorite treats…
…mini marshmallows! Yum!
We decided to take the fun outside so Lucy could nap. Cooper bundled up and headed to the back yard.
Dad and Cooper started playing one of their favorite games…
…and ended by making a few snow angels.
What a fun afternoon, Cooper! It was great to see you and your family. Enjoy your spring, and I’ll see you again soon!