It was Cora and Nick’s big day! I caught up with Cora at the Mile North Hotel where Maritza and Milian from Bride Style Beauty had just finished with her hair and make-up. This bride was beaming and ready to walk the aisle!
Nick’s mom and sister were there, too, getting everyone warmed up for a day of photos.
One last thing… the dress. Cora received some help taking it off the hook before carefully stepping into it.
Meanwhile, Leah was with Nick as he and his groomsmen toasted the day. They had a few quick sips, and then it was time for Nick to have his first look at Cora.
They had their first look near the hotel by the river. The people on the boat tour were too busy sightseeing to pay attention… they missed the real show!
Nick and Cora’s wedding party wasn’t far behind, and they joined us for a group picture on the bridge.
Walking on the bridge is always a feat when wearing wedding heels.
Then the group of us were off and running; taking pre-ceremony photos around the downtown area.
And it was a fun group to run around with, too.
Doesn’t Cora look amazing? Everything about her look was perfect.
It was a gorgeous day to be out and about the downtown area taking photos, too.
Taking photos can be hard work…
…time for a pick-me-up. The whole group stopped for a toast at Fulton’s on the River.
Tequila! They were ready to get the party started.
Good thing there were plenty of limes to go around.
The groomsmen found some magazines, and decided to recreate some of the poses on the covers.
Très chic!
After the toast, we hit the streets again, braving the busy downtown traffic.
Gotta watch out for those busses!
Artistic masterpiece Shit Fountain is just down the block from the venue Nick and Cora were married at. We stopped for a quick picture with this fabled Chicago institution before heading to their venue…
…the Wooden Gallery. I was in love the second I saw this sculpture outside the front door.
We had a little time to burn…
…so we took some more pictures in the alley behind the venue.
Cora stepped carefully as she made her way onto the platform.
We loved the backdrops so much, we decided to take family photos there. Cora’s sister and parents were the first ones up.
Then Nick’s sister got in on the fun.
Nick with his mom and dad.
The ceremony was on the rooftop of the Wooden Gallery and the weather was perfect for it.
The guests began to filter in and find their seats.
Soon enough the ceremony began, and Cora was escorted down the aisle by her father.
He gave his daughter a hug before giving her away.
A friend of Nick and Cora’s officiated the ceremony.
I always get choked up during the ceremony, too.
Cora’s grandmother was front and center to witness the ceremony.
Cora wrote both humor and heart into her vows to Nick.
Nick’s parents were all smiles as the happy couple exchanged vows.
They shared their first kiss as husband and wife after exchanging vows and rings.
The newlyweds snuck off for a few minutes alone right after the ceremony.
As Nick and Cora took a seat, one of their guests arrived.
They followed their friend back into the venue… it was time for the reception! Cora’s bridesmaids helped her out with the bustle of her dress before she made her entrance.
A friend of the couple’s created this piece of art so that guests would know where the reception was.
Cora’s amazing bouquet, a creation from the florists at Pistil and Vine.
They designed Nick’s boutonniere as well.
Nick is a chef who works at Real Kitchen here in the city, so they incorporated food into their reception place cards.
Carlene Smith of Naturally Yours Events played a big part in making sure all of the details were perfect.
The food theme continued on the table, where each guest had their own unique canned good they could take home as favors.
The best word to describe the table settings was delicious. I could tell that Real Kitchen, who was catering, had an amazing feast lined up.
As guests finished up their dinner, Cora’s dad took a few minutes to thank the guests for sharing the day with the families.
Cora’s mom beamed as her husband made his speech.
Then Nick’s best man was up with his toast for the couple.
Nick’s parents got a few chuckles out of the toast.
Cora’s maid of honor gave the final speech in honor of the newlyweds.
Then it was time to dive into the cake.
Good stuff!
After the cutting of the cake, Nick and Cora took to the dance floor for there first dance as husband and wife.
Then Nick stepped aside so Cora could share a dance with her father.
Nick’s mom shared a dance with her son as well.
As the guests hit the dance floor, it was time to address the elephant in the room…
The giant wooden penis.
The guests were having a ball (no pun intended) with it, and I was loving the photo ops.
No home is complete without one.
Momentum Band was there, and started playing the hits that got everyone onto the dance floor.
The party was off to an incredibly fun start.
And it raged on into the night.
I had an awesome time spending your wedding day with you, Cora and Nick!
Congratulations on your marriage!