When I walked in Corina’s room I noticed this Father Of The Bride DVD laying near the television. She said that she watched it the night before with her mother and father. How cute is that?! Plus, I love Steve Martin and I wanted a picture of him on the blog. =)
The ladies toasted to a fun day!
Corina steps into her dress with the help of her mother and some friends.
One of the bridesmaids took a peek to make sure she had all of the help she needed!
We headed out to catch a cab to meet up with Jay.
Her mother grabbed a quick shot.
And Corina posed for the camera!
They decided to meet up with each other at one of their favorite restaurants in the city, La Scarola. They love to come here for special date nights. It is a very cool place and pretty historic. The owner was nice enough to buy drinks for the entire wedding party. Very cool!
Jay was waiting for his bride.
We ran across the street and joined the crowd that was hanging out for a parade.
We headed back to the restaurant to wait for the wedding party to arrive.
They had a few drinks before we headed around town for more photos.
Those party buses bring the crazy out in everyone!
A few bridge shots.
Corina got some help from Jay and the best man so that we could shoot on a loading dock.
Back on the party bus and on our way to North Avenue beach.
It was packed!
Always a colorful crowd at the beach!
A quick shot in the parking lot.
Our first of many “Cub” shots. They are kind of obsessed. =) They actually met each other at Wrigley so we had to head to the stadium.
Before we left the beach Corina spotted this Blazer covered in hearts.
Cubby blue shoes, blue bridesmaid dresses and a bat and ball. Wrigley Field here we come!
This was the ticket from the game they met at.
And we arrived at Wrigley.
A dog photo bomb!
The brick that Jay purchased for Corina’s family.
Finally, we headed to another Chicago staple. The Billy Goat Tavern was a blast.
A quick shot before we headed in for “cheezborgers” and drinks. =)
It was SO Chicago and that was awesome!
The owner grabbed a quick photo with the happy couple.
And he gave them shirts!
We left in a hurry to head to the ceremony site!
As we were leaving there was a scavenger hunt going on. They had to take a bite of someone’s burger and one of the groomsmen was happy to help them out!
It was too good not to finish!
We arrived at Washington Square Park for their ceremony. It was beautiful out and the ceremony was perfect!

The ring bearer was not that impressed though.

He made it down the aisle with some help from the groom.
Jay spots Corina.
Her father hands her off to Jay.
Jay’s mother was all smiles.
The amazing view from the park!
Corina’s very proud father.
The kiss!
The light was definitely on my side!
The new couple.
The ladies helped Corina enter The Newberry Library for cocktails.
And these next two cocktail hour pictures just had to be posted!
Corina’s father started the reception by thanking everyone for coming.
The maid of honor makes the groom blush.
Corina’s father brewed some wedding day ale. It was great. Yes, I drank on the job. =)
The first dance.
Corina and her father.
Jay and his mother. Love the tissue shot!
Some photo booth fun.
Brave man.
The bride and groom decided to sneak out for a few night shots.
So glad that they did!
Paparazzi all over!
And Corina had enough of me. Ok. I am out.
Have a great life together!!!