It was Alyssa and Dan’s wedding day! I had so much fun shooting their engagement session and was looking forward to seeing what surprises this creative couple had in store for the walk down the aisle.

But first things first… here’s Alyssa as she arrives back at her apartment after visiting Circle Salon, where stylist Moe had finished the bride’s hair and makeup.

Her bridesmaids and family were waiting, ready to help her into her dress…
…and show her some love. One of Alyssa’s two Maids of Honor was quick to offer up the first kiss of the day.
There were many kisses expected, so Alyssa thought it best to give her teeth a good scrub before heading out the door.
Once outside, Alyssa was met by her mom, who offered some help with the final details.
Alyssa was ready to go! She shared some hugs with her mom and aunt as they waited for Dan to arrive.
Speaking of, here’s the groom himself! He was getting ready with his groomsmen, down the road at a friend’s place. They were all ready to go, too, so Dan polished off his mug, and the guys piled into the party bus.
Dan and Alyssa held their first meeting on the sidewalk just outside of their apartment. They wanted to give the neighbors something to talk about.
Pure happiness! Let’s get this wedding day started!
Let’s get this party keg tapped!
On the bus, Alyssa shows Dan her bracelet. The bracelet, along with certain pieces Alyssa and the bridesmaids are wearing, were created by her aunt Kathy. Check out some of her work on her website Art Glass by Kass.
Word on the street was that the previous night had been rough on the groomsmen. Here, one of the guys takes advantage of the transport time to catch up on a few winks.
Our first stop for pre-ceremony photos was one of the city’s steel bridges. I was LIVING that this fearless groomsman was wiling to climb up on the rafters for a few shots.
Yes! I love it!
The girls were not to be outdone, though, as a bridesmaid gave a show for passers-by.
It was our first stop and this bridal party was already out of control. I was having the time of my life!
Dan demonstrates his high kick for the camera. My hamstring snaps just thinking of moving my leg like that.
Dan made an attempt at climbing the bridge…
…but Alyssa likes him on the ground where she can love him up.
We left the loop and headed over the the west side of the city for the next round of portraits…
…making sure to hit up one of my favorite photo spots.
Carefully, the wedding party climbed up onto the platform.
You better pose, Dan!
There was plenty of love and good cheer to spread around as we boarded the bus…
…and moved on to the most important, artistically-rich mural to ever grace the streets of our fair city.
One bridesmaid was so excited that she began to eat Alyssa’s dress. I felt like I could eat a dress the first time I saw Big Ang, too.
We couldn’t help but admire all the fine qualities on display.
The Maid of Honor was speechless, she was so overcome with emotion.
Big Ang brings out the best in people. Class, style and sophistication.
The marriage blessed by Big Ang, it was finally time to head over to Salvage One to prepare for the ceremony.
Alyssa blew kisses at the most beautiful gift God ever granted the Earth…
…and took a moment to process just how beautifully her wedding day was going.
There was a little time to kill once we arrived at Salvage One, where the ceremony and reception were held. One wise groomsman found a quiet corner and caught a disco nap.
While Dan and some of the other guys tried their hand at basketball. Even though he missed, you have to appreciate Dan’s effort… it’s not easy playing basketball in a tux! Or so I’ve heard…
Aw, yeah. The Maid of Honor showed them how it’s done. With a bouquet in her hands, too!
Meanwhile, Alyssa was inside, making her way to her father, who was waiting for his first look at his daughter.
He was one proud papa.
Alyssa and her father shared a moment…
…and then joined everyone in the common room for the Ketubah signing. Isn’t the Ketubah gorgeous? It was created by Dan and Alyssa’s friend Jean Fitzgerald.
The energy in the room was high as the Ketubah was read aloud and signed.
Alyssa’s brother and other Maid of Honor shared a laugh, too.
With the Ketubah signed, Alyssa kicked off her shoes…
…and she and Dan got a few moments of shut-eye.
Not a whole lot, though, as guests were already beginning to arrive and take their seats.
Before they knew it, the processional had begun and Dan took his place at the front.
Alyssa was absolutely beaming as her father escorted her down the aisle.
She gave him a long hug before taking her place at Dan’s side.
And as would be expected and appropriate for these two, the ceremony began with a laugh.
Dan and Alyssa were honored to be married by a close friend who agreed to preside over the ceremony.
Dan couldn’t keep his eyes off Alyssa.
And more than one person got a little teary-eyed.
They couldn’t have been more happy while exchanging rings and vows.
Dan and Alyssa also lit a unity candle as a sign of their newly-formed union.
And then they sealed the deal with a kiss!
The newlyweds visited the memorial table after the ceremony, taking a moment to remember those dear to them, present in spirit.
Alyssa’s dad wasn’t far behind, offering his congratulations.
I left them to spend a few moments alone together…
…and take pictures of guests while they enjoyed cocktail hour.
The room was bustling with laughter and conversation, which made the cocktail hour fly by. Guests gradually made their way upstairs for the banquet…
…rising to their feet as the newlyweds made their big entrance.
Friends and family took their seats and enjoyed an excellent meal, prepared by Maison Cuisine.
Alyssa’s dad was the first to pick up the microphone and thank guests for sharing the day with him and his family.
Dan’s Best Man was up next with his toast in honor of his friends.
Alyssa’s Maid of Honor had shared some loving words with Alyssa and Dan.
Alyssa’s other Maid of Honor was the last to toast…
…before Alyssa and Dan took to the dance floor to share their first dance.
Next up was a father and daughter dance…
…and then Dan and his mother tore up the floor with their routine, set to “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes.
Then my personal favorite: the Hora! Hold on, Alyssa!
The Hora always looks like so much fun… maybe someday I’ll get a turn!
Dan and his Best Man went for a spin…
…and Alyssa and her girls gathered in close.
The party was off to a fantastic start!
Kate and Rachel from the Toast & Jam crew were on hand to keep those bodies moving on the dance floor.
And guests were excited to show off their best moves.
This groomsman kept the ladies entertained…
…and Alyssa’s dad wasn’t afraid to cut loose!
What a day! I partied hard, and couldn’t been more happy to share the day with this wonderful couple.
Congratulations on your marriage, Dan and Alyssa!