This wedding was quite the experience. Dan and Dwyer switched wedding dates from summer of ’09 to December of ’08. Craziness! Her mother and her mothers friend went into overdrive and really rocked out a perfect wedding. I loved how intimate everything felt. It was amazing. Dwyer…I posted a few extra images for you being so patient in me getting these on here!! Enjoy…
Dwyer got ready in Lake Forest at her mothers friends BEAUTIFUL home!
The ladies watch Dwyer complete her look…
LOVE the veil!
I found this detail shot right before the ceremony. Her friend from Denver flew in and did the flowers. They were perfect.
Dwyers cousin sang during the ceremony.
The bride and her father approach Dan!
I am not sure why….but I love this one!
A shot of the guys before heading out in the freezing cold and crazy weather!
She is already over it. Ha!
Its almost like Lake Forest set up a studio for us. =)
This is one of my favorite bridesmaid shots!
And we went in the train station…
This reminds me of old Hollywood. That veil is KILLING me!
Thanks for braving the weather. I am so glad we did!
Some more old Hollywood for you!
And we head to the house that Dwyer grew up in for the party. On the way, they pulled out some mistletoe and the party started! Ha.
The Gunn’s amazing home. Her mother really outdid herself!!!!
There were flowers everywhere!
The food was great.
Another detail shot…
Dan is getting ready for toasts…
And his best man and brother gets everyones attention and makes a great speech.
Mr. Gunn (what a cool last name!) gives his speech…
and her mother gushes!
You know the party is getting started when the first ‘party foul’ occurs….
And here is the culprit!
I was obsessed with this wallpaper. Are you kidding!!!! I love how it looks like she is talking to the bird. LOL
Yes, more wallpaper!
This very cool couple introduced Dan and Dwyer. I couldnt resist this shot.
The first dance.
Here is the flower designer/friend/Denver girl! A surprise attack shot!
I was warned about the craziness that is…MADDIE! Too cute.
Dwyer and her crew.
Laurie Peacock was shooting with me today. Laurie had to help Dan get his ring off for the ‘ring shot’. Thanks Laurie!!!!
Dwyer loves horses and this guy was laying around.
And finally…..Dwyers mother. From me to you – GREAT JOB! You really rocked out a beautiful evening with friends, family and amazing decor. It was a pleasure to work with you all.