It was Dana and Jared’s wedding day! I met up with Dana in her hotel room while she was getting ready. I set right to work and took a picture of this wonderful detail from her dress.
Here’s Dana slipping into her dress with help from her friend.
Dana’s ready to meet up with Jared! Just gotta slip on the shoes.
And take some pictures to document the beautiful hair and makeup job!
Loving the curl.
Meanwhile, the guys were hanging out in the room fueling up for the ceremony.
And, as tradition dictates, watching Tyra.
Is this groomsman trying to de-pants Jared? Sure looks like it!
Jared puts his pants back on and checks out his bride for the first time!
Dana got a little choked up.
A car show was taking place in the parking lot of their hotel so we took advantage of it!
I loved this bridge.
Dana was a posing machine! =)
Jared’s solo shot.
Dana shows off her bouquet. She used autumn colors throughout her day.
The wedding party joined us at this playground across from their ceremony site.
Time for fun! Playground equipment is hard to pass up!
I know what you’re thinking… you try swinging when you’re in a wedding dress!
Jared demonstrated different methods of using the swing for us.
Game time, indeed! Time for the ceremony!
Their creative wedding program.
Everybody was dressed to impress!
The flower girl made her way up the aisle.
Then Dana’s parents walked her down the aisle.
Dana gave her dad a big, emotional hug before he gave her away.
Jared’s mom looked on as the ceremony began.
I loved all of the fall colors incorporated in the day. Palomino did an amazing job with the floral design.
Dana listens intently as they prepare to make their vows.
Dana’s father gets a little choked up.
Both sets of parents participated in the ceremony.
This part was so cool…
Her parents surprised her with live doves.
Dana watched as the bird flew away. This part was so great because Dana was truly shocked. It meant a lot to her!
Husband and wife make their way back down the aisle. Congratulations!
After Dana and Jared left, the guests started to make their way to the cocktail hour.
And she was really excited about this portion of the night!
The guests all mingled and enjoyed their drinks.
Cigars were in order, too!
Jared takes a moment to light up his cigar.
And Dana took a moment to do a makeup check before entering the party.
How about this cake topper? Too cute! Their cake was made by Rolf’s Patisserie in Lincolnwood.
They are planning to make a quilt from each piece of fabric that the guests wrote their well wishes on.
The tables were beautifully decorated.
Complete with these cool place cards!
Dana and Jared make their big entrance.
And then the parents begin their speeches.
I love this shot of Dana.
A toast to the happy couple!
Dana thanks her guests for sharing the day with them.
And then Jared thanked the guests for coming.
Next they shared their first dance.
The father daughter dance.
They both got misty-eyed!
Then it was time for the hora!
I love me a good hora!!
Mom’s turn!
So much fun!
Time for the bouquet toss.
Jared preps Dana for the garter toss.
The lucky winner!
It’s hard to tell just how she feels about their choice of ties.
You can tell these girls were dancing like crazy!
The dance floor was packed!
And the guests were enjoying the drinks!
I loved their rings. So cool!!
Congratulations, Dana and Jared! Thanks for sharing your day with me!